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Thread: The Keyboardists of SOFT

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    The Keyboardists of SOFT

    Well I've noticed that SOFTies have trouble looking for keyboardists to join their bands and I thought maybe we the keyboardists of SOFT could do a mass introduction of ourselves? To at least let the other SOFTies know who we are.

    Okay I'll get the ball rolling :

    I've been playing the piano for 3 years. It all happened when I saw Maksim's Flight of the Bumble Bee MV on MTV and I was like ,"Holy $%&^ I want to be like him!!!!" and from this sprouted my interest in wanting to learn the piano.

    I will be taking my first music exam at the end of this year and that will be the grade 5 theory exam. I'm currently taking grade 8 practical now but then the exam will come later.

    My musical journey has been rather rojak because I once learnt both classical and contemperory styles of playing and techniques but now I'm sticking back to my classical roots.

    I find lots of joy and also a great sense clamity in composing solo piano pieces because it makes me feel "original".

    I listen to metal and classical music. Yes you heard me right....metal.

    My favourite bands metal bands are : Children of Bodom , Symphony X , Dragonforce , ChthoniC , Sonata Artica , X Japan , Nightwish , Metallica , Yngwie Malmsteen , Cradle of Filth.

    My favourite composers are :
    Chopin , Liszt , Schubert , Bach , Mozart , Tchaikovsky , Paganini , Yoshiki Hayashi , Tonci Huljic

    Oh yeah one more thing , I always never believed that music should be cultivated from young although there are scientific evidence to prove otherwise. I believe that what matters most is how much hard work and determination you put in that really matters!

    Okay I'm done..... :lol:


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    I play keyboards as a hobby
    and I am a music fan.

    right now only play at home with a computer.
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    wow 3 yrs n grade 8 level.. sounds impressive . maybe i should take exams too. always wanted to be a music teacher as a dream.

    I love music. was in the school band-horn player. now just reliving my childhood with gear lust and GAS in keyboards. recently joined a band, had a gig in sentosa and hopefully more to come.

    fav keyboardists - robbie buchanan, david foster, david benoit, steve weingart, chick corea, hirotaka izumi, bill evans amongst others.

    fav bassists - jimmy johnson, tom kennedy, neil stubenhaus, ric fiebracci, mitsuru sutoh amongst others.

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    haha ... i think this introduction is more for us keyboardist to get to know each other yea? .... anyway ... i'll join =)

    been playing piano for 13 years now. got teaching piano last time .. and maybe later

    plays keyboard at church .... and just recently joined a band ....

    love jazz .... love classical music .... love to improvise

    and same with Bongman ..... now i'm having a gearLust as well ....
    i think my income will definitely turn into gears ..... surely ..... haiz ....

    i like to play over maksim's 1st album CD though ....
    It's always a good fun to play bumblebee over his techno-track .....

    ps: nice to meet u all guys!!! ......
    "make music in ur heart to the Lord"

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    yeah, great to finally know each person behind those nicks.

    been playing piano almost 19 years now, started at age 5. classically trained for 12 years, stopped after grade 8. picked up keyboards after that, played in church first, then played with funk band Soul Satisfaction for a year, then with current blues/jazz/funk/rojak band Raindogs for past 4 years.

    currently resident arranger and music director of NTU Choir. in fact, upcoming annual concert this friday featuring a jazz/R&B repertoire. (see this thread if interested:

    music interest: R&B, acid jazz, soul

    music hero: Stevie Wonder

    playing 3 gigs in 6 days: 9th March (NTU Choir @ VCH), 11th & 14th Mar (Raindogs, Mosaic festival @ Esplanade Concourse)

    and most imptly... temporarily cured of GAS!! in fact now going opposite direction.. equipment liquidation coming up..

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    Hi all.

    I learnt Yamaha Electone at the age of 4. Been playing organ for more than twenty years. Play piano for leisure.

    Started to compose piano solo pieces. After that begins to compose various genres of music.

    Thanks to my Organ training and I have a pair of good ears that helps a lot in my playing and composition.

    Nowadays not much of playing Electone or Piano, but spend more time to improve my skills in composition.

    Aspired to be a film composer. I know that is very hard, but that is my ultimate goal, so I will work towards it with no fear.

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    Hi all kybdists,

    I play the kybd for self-expression and relaxation. To me, music knows no boundaries.

    Got inspired to play the synth after seeing the DX7 and D50 being played during the 80s. Was too poor to buy any then and could only drool over the numerous kybd phamplets collected. Had to wait years later after entering NS and using the allowance earned to get a used one. Got hold and let go of a few kybds over the years.

    Till today, my playing still sucks as I am restricted to playing by ear. Ironically, I am now learning to play the wind synth and have been kybdless for a long while, but still into kybding and itching to get one again. :lol: currently arranging with ... to view one!

    :arrow: Anyway, another purpose of coming to this post is to help promote an event for charitable cause -

    My honour to know you all!

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    Been playing the piano for 30 years since I was 5 (oops, my age leaked out...). Grade 8 in piano and grade 3 in trumpet (didn't quite get too far in trumpet because I was doing my grade 8 as well). Did MEP in school which opened my eyes to music analysis and then in music arrangment. Started in keyboards and improvisation when I heard Jeremy Monteiro and at that time, his band called Jaramzee. He was playing the DX7 then. Thankfully, I already completed my Grade 8 or my classical tehcnique may suffer. Arranged some music in my school band but nothing significant.

    Then proceeded to play in church for many years and started training other keyboardists and pianists. Eventually went more into arrangement and got addicted when I arranged my first musical with an SBC arranger. Then sold almost all my hardware gears (including to Bongman) and migrated into virtually totally software.

    Still playing keyboards. Played live in a many situations in weddings (with arrangements) and in jazz settings in a cafe overseas. If I have time, I will arrange. Otherwise, became my son's piano teacher...

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