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Thread: Need Advice on Dedicated DAW setup

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    well regarding backup, ironically i've had bad experiences with highly branded optical storage media like TDK and Verbatim, the only one I'd buy now is Imation so far no problems. and I'm living proof of someone who has managed to preserve his data for the past 10 years 1997-1999 = 80 floppy disks.(back then too young to afford my own hdd) 2000 - 2001 = CDs (until it got too hard and tiring to backup), then 2001 - 2003 = Hard disks (until they started failing) and 2003 - 2007 = DVDs.
    current data amount hits up to 1.5 terabyte. I've backed up 0.8tb so far. slowly burning/sorting out a day at a time. I bought 3 X 320gig brand new hard disks to play safe and store the un-backedup ones in first.

    1 terabyte = 1024 gigabyte for those who're not aware.
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    wah kia..if that is the case then optical discs are unpredictable :x Many recommend DVD RAM..and i use that besides the normal hdd backup.

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    DVD RAM is for re-writing up to a capability of 100'000 times. but thats if you constantly replace the data. otherwise it's "one time back up and chuck away" archive.
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    its easy..............

    i use the same windows with 4 copies running on the same PC.

    just install into a diff folder when it asks you and reg as normal. if you boot up it will use the one you choose.

    i have one for music, 1 for vid, 1 for graphics and 1 for the web and rest of life.

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    stay away from vista... i'm using vista to test my new daw now and it's very very bad. XP is still the solution for now as vista take up too much resources even when i stop all services. very very bad....

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    otpp : haha I got a similar setup. but mine is disk imaging. I have one main C: partition for windows, D: for diagnostic windows E: store data. F: disk image.

    tamper with the windows registry to save any document on the browser favorites / desktop / my documents to E:.

    inside F: , there's "Studio Dedicated PC" disk image / "Video Editing Dedicated PC" disk image / "All Rounder PC".
    so I don't waste hard disk space with so many copies of windows. and always have a ready defragmented OS within minutes after disk image cloning.

    bernardgoh : yep, i swear by XP for now, until they come up with some Vista Service Pack 3 or something new after Vista. by then DAWs/New audio components should be more compatible with vista.
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    Otpp, can you confirm how you did that? I can't recall clearly (it's the distant past), but I think I tried using the same copy of Windows for multiple installations. It's as you said - they ask which partition to install it. But if I remember correctly, the registry still runs off the first installation, or is somehow tagged to it. I can't recall clearly, but I remembered that it didn't quite give me the full horsepower I needed as a result. Can confirm?

    If I'm wrong, then I'll be really glad! Because that means I can save trying to get 2 copies of Windows all the time.

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    multi windows.........its easy

    all you do is install windows 4 times using the same code.

    when installing choose not to put it in the old folder.

    it will work fine as you are only using one copy at a time and as you own the copy you have the legal right to install it multi times as long as its all on the same computer and your only using one copy at a time.

    i emailed microsoft when i was doing it the first time to ask how and if it would work. they told me how to do it and that all on the same computer its ok.


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    I know it's possible. My question is whether after doing it, the other windows partitions will use the registry from the first windows being installed. I recall something like that happened when I did it which prompted me to use 2 different copies. I may be wrong - and I hope I am wrong!

    Because if all other versions runs off (or is tagged) to the registry of the first Windows installation, then it's not a dedicated machine. That would affect the performance and is not much difference from installation everything into one partition.

    Please let me be wrong!

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    No, I don't think that would be the case. It's 4 _different_ installations, from what otpp says. So we should assume it's really 4 dedicated OSs. God knows what he means by folder, though. I have never gotten the choice of installing into a directory aside from other OSs, which would be a nice _feature_ I think..or not.

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