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Thread: Need Advice on Dedicated DAW setup

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    Need Advice on Dedicated DAW setup

    Hi all. I am planning to reinstall my Windows XP and setup a dedicated DAW.

    I have some doubts before I actually doing it:

    (1) If I need 2 OS, 1 for running dedicated DAW and the other one for running softwares like Ms-word, powerpoint, internet explorer... etc, to do some school projects and internet surfing.
    Will it works if I install 2 Window XP on 2 different harddrive? Do I need 2 Windows license to do this?

    (2) If I use the function to setup 2 user in Windows XP, one user for DAW, the other user for school projects, is this method effective?

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    (1) Yes u can, normally license is for 2 computers; installations (since u cant "re-install" a windows desktop, u can only do recovery). By installing to 2 different hard disks u'd have 2 installations and u'd have used it up :lol:

    (2) Safer, but above is much safer.

    (3) (old stuff i think but it helps)

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    Thanks for the info.

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    Kai, Windows only give you ONE license. So you can only install one Windows in one PC. Office is different as it has 2 licenses on their usual version and 3 licenses on their Teacher version.

    If you want to dual boot in one PC, you need 2 different versions of Windows XP (ie one XP Home and one XP Professional). After installing one, installing the other version will automatically prompt you to install on a different hard-drive/parition for dual booting.

    If you only want to use one Windows to dual boot, then you'll need software like Partition Magic. I don't like to use it (although I have it) as the software itself takes up CPU and RAM resources which I don't like for a DAW. Without software like partition magic (and similar software), there's no way to dual boot with only one version/copy of Windows.

    My machine is dual booted. One for my work (include Office apps, internet surfing etc) and the other just for DAW (no internet, no antivirus, absolutely nothing except DAW). It works fine for me for years.

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    Hi Cheez. Thanks for the info.

    Do you mean that if I got a software like partition magic (in other words I partition my harddisk into more than one), then I should be able to dual boot with just ONE copy of Windows XP (one license)?

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    Hi Kai, you can partition your hard drive into many partitions with just Windows XP alone. When you install Windows XP, it will display a menu page where you can create partitions.

    Software like Partition Magic does a few things (and there are others around as well): 1. It lets you create partitions and change partition size without reinstalling Windows and without losing your data. Otherwise, to create new partitions, you will lose data on the partition you want to split. 2. It lets you create more than 1 boot partition with only one copy of Windows.

    As I said, you'll have to weigh the pros and cons. Partition Magic is not cheap. Also it takes up CPU and RAM resources, something you don't want in a DAW. I find it easier just to get run 2 copies of Windows (one Home and one Pro). Setting up dual boot is extremely easy and Windows guide you through during installation. Then when you boot you machine, it will prompt you whether you want to boot the Home or the Pro version. You select that and press return, and that boot partition loads. Simple and nice. I find configuring Partition Magic complicated especially for dual boot. It's OK for changing partition size etc. I was using version 8. Their newer version may be more user-friendly, but I don't like it.

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    I see... In other words, even I got 2 harddrive I won't be able to install just ONE copy of Windows, to dual boot I need either partition magic software or a different version of windows.

    Thanks Cheez.

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    Yes you are right. It's not the number of drives but the PC. You can only install on one PC.

    If you're going to dual boot and you have 2 HDs, my suggestion will be to install both boot partitions into one HD while leaving the other HD for DAW. Then you also have a dedicated HD to DAW which makes a difference if you are to do multi-track recording or sample streaming. Windows will make the HD spin occasionally when it's running. And you want maximum power of the HD to go into your DAW resources without Windows using it.

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    very useful info. thanks.

    how bout setting up 2 user in one windows XP? Will it be effective?
    I am thinking that using this way it will be easier to switch between 2 user and also... saving up the money that need to buy a new Windows.... if possible.

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    No it won't. Setting up multiple users still runs from the same Windows registry. I'm not sure if XP's price has dropped now that Vista is out. You can ask around.

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