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Thread: My soundwave festival experience [Sydney]

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    My soundwave festival experience [Sydney]

    Yesterday was Sydney's soundwave festival.

    I started the day off by selling my spare ticket and then heading to my mates palce who lives accross the road from the park where it was held.

    We started drinking and I soon found out my drink was spiked with an illicit substance :P. Then they spiked my other drink with my permission haha.

    Anyway we headed over to the venue, the woman at the gate said I was too drunk to be allowed in so I waited abit and tried again. This time went to another ticket guy and acted straight.

    Walked around, saw the bronx playing and some other bands. Within about 15 minutes, a security guard grabbed me by my singlet and dragged me out saying I was too drunk and he cut off my tags and said if I tried to re-enter, i'd be charged by the police or something.

    So I called one of my new mates I met just before and he came out, helped sober me up and devised a plan to get me back in. After about 30 minutes I walked straight back in, but this time I joined the crowd so I didnt stick out.

    I think, from my blurred memory, the first band I got into was Parkway drive. Circle pit was pretty fun. Then I stumbled around abit.

    I watched terror aswell. they were good I think? :P

    Hung around abit, saw some friends from tafe and guys ive been out drinking with before, sat around and relaxed.

    Then I went to line up to meet +44. the line was huge. I was there for about 30 minutes and then we were told they were about to play onstage so we couldnt meet em. So I went and watched hatebreed. That was very energetic and the biggest circle pit ive seen. In diamter, it was about 10+ metres, with the sound engineer tent in the middle. Everyone went crazy during 'live for this'. Their set was only about 30 minutes.

    I went back into the open area and watched thrice, mxpx and +44 from a distance while waiting for suicidal tendencies. When ST finally came on, the pit was full of guys with the flipped hats and flannalette shirts going crazy. miko cyco is one crazy dude. They put on an awesome show. During 'subliminal' I was lifted up and crowdsurfed twice. Very fun indeed.

    Straight after ST was deftones. I managed to get up to the front barrier, so i was a few metres infront of chino. They sounded sooo good. very kick arse performance. The crowd went nuts during 'back to school'. it was so awesome to see these guys in the flesh. And then the festival ended.

    I ended up paying $4aud for a bottle of water. I was very impressed with the pits as everyone was looking out for each other. if someone fell (i did numerous times) we were lifted straight back up by 2-3 guys. There was a great sense of unity. There were only a couple of fist fights.

    The rain made things messy. my clothes were drenched. wet socks and chucks. felt horrible. my phone was out of order the whole night becuase of water damage. I had about 7 sms's from people asking where I was but couldnt reply or call them.

    I ended up with a broken pair of sunglasses i bought the day before, lost a studded wristband in the hatebreed mosh i think. Was hit in the face elevnty billion times and have soem fantasstic bruises to show off. I'll try and take some photos.

    Unfortunatly, some poor dude left the venue drunk and was run down by a truck becuase he stumbled onto the road or something.

    so yeah.. that was my soundwave 2007.

    thanks for reading.

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    good one, mate. wish they had something like this here.

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    sounds damn fun!

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    Unfortunatly, some poor dude left the venue drunk and was run down by a truck becuase he stumbled onto the road or something.
    was the trucker ok ? :lol:

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    Unfortunately, they can replace lost, damaged, stolen or forgotten wrisband. What do I do if I have lost my wristband on site?

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