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Thread: Japanese Duet songs? :)

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    Japanese Duet songs? :)

    Hii, im looking for good Japanese Duet (male and female) songs to sing ^^ Well, just for fun since in cpop, epop, there's alot of duet songs but i havent hear any in japanese except for the anime ones, Yume no Tsubasa (Yui Makino and Irino Miyu) I'm fine with animes or j-pop ones. Please do recommend me some songs >.< Thanks!

    P.S: if you know any good singing vocals warm up, do share too ^^ i do lip trills.

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    Re: Japanese Duet songs? :)

    Nice to meet you, Miyukiさん!

    It is rare to see anyone who sings duets for Japanese songs! Ahaha!
    Actually, there a lot of nice songs that have duets, if you take the time to search for them.

    Here are a few of my top favourites, and I hope you will like them too (^_^)v



    Beauty & The Beast (日本語で歌って vers.)

    There are probably more, but these are what I can think of at the top of my head.
    The Japanese version of Beauty & the Beast is there because a friend of mine sang it to me once ahaha. She said that in Japan, Disney is quite popular especially with the girls, so yea... (ノ∀`*)

    If you have any covers I would love to hear them!

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