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Thread: Help! What mic should I get?

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    Help! What mic should I get?


    I'll like to get a simple mic to record my own covers.. I usually sing, but sometimes I play the guitar as well.. But I have no idea what to get >.< Would prefer something that is below $100... Is it possible? Pls help! Thanks!


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    The most common starter mic is the Shure SM57 or 58. You can find them secondhand on the classifieds here for $100 or sometimes less.

    If you can afford a bit more, consider the Audio Technica AT2020 for vocals / acoustic guitar.

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    If you're looking for condenser mics, i guess you can start off with the M-Audio Nova or the AT2020.

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    mmm, thanks for your replies!! but... can those mics be plugged into the com/laptop? ^^ sorry ah, abit noob here....

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    the AT2020 has a USB version. I suggest the AT2035 over the AT2020 btw, it's slightly more expensive but there is a noticeable difference.

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    As kester mentioned, some mics have a USB version. You can plug them in directly to your computer for use with audio recording software.

    However, the traditional non-USB versions (using "XLR" connectors) are more versatile, in the sense that you can plug them into any standard interface or mixer anywhere, and you can use more of them easily if you ever expand your home setup. You will need to get an audio interface to connect such mics to your computer, which is additional cost.

    If you don't think you will upgrade/expand your setup or don't mind either way, you can consider USB mics. Here are some good sites for getting a rough gauge of prices (in US Dollar):

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    I currently still own a USB mic, the Blue's Yeti. It costs bout SGD240 brand new, but it works really well and has pretty sturdy built.

    Of course, other commonly used USB mics include the AT2020/2035, Samson CO1U.

    They should work just fine for simple recordings(: - (Till you start to GAS for more )

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    Blue Yeti going for 229 on Apple Store!
    Includes free shipping, heh

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    try blue yeti normal or pro edition u wont regret every cent you spent

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    Yup, for your budget, strongly recommend a Shure SM58, well within your budget and the quality is definitely more than enough for your simple home recording.

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