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Thread: Shaun Hedger - Boogie Nights (Heatwave)

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    Shaun Hedger - Boogie Nights (Heatwave)

    Hi friends check this video out and let me know what you think !

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    Good job.

    This song is similar to "Off the Wall" by Michael Jackson. No surprise because they are both by the same songwriter, Rod Temperton. They have the same A section with the Em9 chord, but the bassline is different. You ever tried playing "Off the Wall"?

    Bernard Edwards is my favourite bass player. Is it very difficult to play Chic stuff?

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    sorry for the long wait, yes i've heard that piece and the history of rod temperton, its not too difficult, just got to let your imagination run free!

    we usually limit ourselves by worrying about technicality, but once you unhinge yourself from that, you can do wonders! youd be surprised.

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