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Thread: Warning: Beware of the seller JASONCHEE

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    Quote Originally Posted by JasonChee View Post
    Beerman! I did not schedule to meet you on the weekend! You called me up and ask me which days I would be free?? I said I should be free on saturday. So I guess its you who scheduled to meet me over the weekend. You did!! because you ask me when would i be free and not the other way around! Then Saturday comes I told you I cant meet you that day as I was very busy. I did not in any way avoid you! Also I did not state I will not meet you in the future if i happen to have the time. In my conversation I also state that I dont usually do refunds, And you got really pissed about it.

    If you are unhappy or felt that I have cheated your money in any possible way there are alot of other ways you could get ur anger back instead of being a little bitchman and do what girls usually do, spaming all my sell threads and trying or even thinking that would INTIMIDATE ME!

    BeerF***ker... As for the Options here... let me give you a couple:-

    1) call up the police and make a police report if your really that unhappy. Be my guest Because I know I sell good stuff at good prices.
    2) It is every buyers responsibility to check the goods before they purchase. Dont tell me you walk into a guitar store and dont bother to test the guitar on the amplifier before buying. Then you are a really stupid BEERF***ER!
    3) Go back to your country!!!

    So just to let everyone know here:-

    If BeerF***ker thinks he can screw me up here by posting a couple of photos and saying a couple of shit about me, I have proof that i sell genuine stuff here on soft and stuff that works because I do check the items I sell.

    Heres a list of other people I sold my stuff to who trusted me, did not complain about me, are happy with the purchase they made and unlike Beerf***ker did not react like a little lovelovelovelovelove and say shit about me on :

    Nadhir (98659472) Sold Maestro Acoustic guitar EJ3
    Dr axe, from house of axe east coast road Sold cream colored fender
    Forgot his name (93250534) Sold M-Audio Fast Track Pro
    Manap Ali Sold Boss EQ7
    Dude who drove his dads bmw, Sold Boss SD1 and Boss Mega Distortion.

    Just to let everyone know, Im not an effects/ guitar dealer. Im just someone who has decided to stop playing electric guitar as i havent touched my stuff in a while. im just selling all the ORIGINAL stuff which i bought at first hand prices, at what i would call a cheap and reasonable price to would be buyers.

    BeerF***ker. I said a brand new boss mt2 is now $210+ at Sweelee. I did not arrogantly state i got it brand new and drew a comparison against the price I paid when i bought it. I drew it against the brand new price of a piece of MT2 at sweelee. And to answer your question, yes, i did purchase it brand new years back.

    And you are seriously a cheapskate for even trying to haggle with me to sell you the mt2 for 50 bucks before.

    Lastly, I dont think you hurt my reputation in any way!!! I think the only thing you did was show everyone how STUPID AND UNREASONABLE YOU ARE AND THAT YOU ARE A DISGRACE AND SCUM TO YOUR COUNTRY!

    U have my number? I have ur number too...
    BeerF***KER (98523130)
    Hey bro , once is enough to ruin your reputation. not to mention you got 2 complains here.
    its normal to deal healthily .
    your quotes to those that deal with you before and have no problems should be normal!
    this is what is suppose to happen , but once you not true to softies , BAM!
    just stop posting things and waste your time already.

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    Is it really ok for you to post the phone numbers of your buyers on here without their permission though?

    I don't know what exactly is going on between the two of you. But try putting yourself in his shoes. Let's say you bought a guitar and discovered that the pickups on it are not working. So you immediately contact the seller to tell him about this but he didn't reply. And when he does, he kept telling you 'no refunds'. Are you gonna say it's your fault for not checking?

    And one more thing. Can you like stop including Philippines in your argument? Will it kill you to exclude that? What does Philippines got to do with this deal anyway?

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    When i called Beerman a cheapskate, Im only referring to him. It is a personal attack because he started spaming all my sell threads first! I did not lump beerf***ker tgt with other second hand buyers. In fact i have sold goods to many second hand buyers ,did not get any complains who were very good customers. I have been very happy with them.

    So merkinball. I am not implying to call other buyers here at SOFT as 'cheapskate' because their buying secondhand. Hope that answers your question.

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    If it is the responsibility of the buyer to check the condition, it is also the responsibility of the seller to be upfront about the condition of the item being sold i.e., if the switching works properly. No one cares if you sold working equipment in the past. The issue right now is about the pedal that you sold, which just so happens to be defective.

    And, since you claim you bought the pedal brand new (which also makes you the only owner), you should know damn well what happened to the pedal and what caused the corrosion of the PCB.

    And seriously, don't use his nationality to slam him. It makes the rest of us look bad. If you can call him a cheapskate because he is Filipino, he can rebut you by claiming that you are the perfect example that all Singaporeans are cheats and dishonest. The person's nationality should have never been an issue in the first place.
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    To lokiregnarok.

    Dude, i have to show others that i sold stuff to people who did not complain about the goods i sold. If i bought a guitar and discovered the pickups were not working, i would contact the seller. but the thing here is i picked up his calls and responded to him. my last reply to him was im not free on saturday and i dont usually do refunds. i did not say i wouldnt meet him again. But before that could happen i see beerman spaming all my sell threads. And yes, if i bought something that is not working i would say its partly my fault for not checking the goods before i bought it.

    As a seller I also wouldnt know what has he done with it after purchasing from me. When i checked it before selling, it worked and is fine. There are bad reasonable sellers and also bad unreasonable buyers. hope you understand that.

    PS. I will stop including philippines in my argument although beerman is from philippines.

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    jason chee u are a disgrace to singaporeans!! u are a disgrace to us!

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    Will close this thread now. Let the people involved work it out.

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