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Thread: Warning: Beware of the seller JASONCHEE

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    Warning: Beware of the seller JASONCHEE

    Hi Fellow SOFTIES,

    I bought a BOSS MT-2 to a guy named Jasonchee here in SOFT, when I reach home I test the pedal immediately and I found out that the pedal switch was faulty. The fx didn't switch to bypass mode meaning its alway engage.

    I called the guy immediately and explain the problem then we agreed to meet on weekend. When SAT comes I called him and confirmed with him but he seems that he's avoiding me.

    So I open the pedal then I saw that there's a corrosion on the PCB. I don't know if the pedal that I bought was soak in water or what.

    So guys be careful on dealing with jasonchee

    Here's the picture of the BOSS MT-2 that I bought from him.

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    Another sad story here.
    nobody wants to get fool, even the seller himself!
    Sold spoilt thing n runaway. Why dont they just tell 'C grade' condition as a 'C', not an A.

    Lesson to learn...
    GBU beerman!

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    sigh. sorry to hear about that bro.... most unfortunate.

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    Sorry to hear that man! Even if he sold it cheaply, he should've declared the actual state of the unit. To make things worse, he agreed to meet you then disappear like his mom's gonna spank him if she finds out about this.

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    If you're dealing pedals in the future, bring along a 9v and a patch cable. Won't be able to hear any sound, but you've got the status LED to go by.
    Originally Posted by carboxymoron
    Regardless of who's right or wrong, both stink when airing dirty laundry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheesedaele View Post
    If you're dealing pedals in the future, bring along a 9v and a patch cable. Won't be able to hear any sound, but you've got the status LED to go by.
    Got to agree with cheesedaele.
    There are no stupid questions, but there are a LOT of inquisitive idiots.

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    Moral of the story is test the pedal before buying right?? And my question is how to test pedals if it is faulty when you deal at the Mrt?

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    Next time when u see him,
    just whack his face den talk.

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    i use a 25bucks mini batt-amp bought fr SV, a patch cable, & connect to mp3 player to test a pedal, especially for those dat r expensive

    but yeah, the mp3 source must be some clean riffs u recorded earlier.. so, at least u can get what the pedal can do

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    Yeap same thing happened to me, bought 2 guitars from him. I specifically asked if the pickups were working, he told me that they were as he had just tried it out. I trusted him lah, cause he was damn friendly (over friendly now that I've realised). Went back and tried it, pickups all not working.

    Totally went MIA when i texted him, couldn't be bothered with him either, just sold it off on my own. Stating the EXACT conditions that they were in. Recoup my capital and made some cash too!

    I mean if its not working just say its not, I would most probably have gotten it as well anyways. Didn't want to rant, but since someone else got cheated, I shoud voice out as well.

    The fellow still got a few stuffs for sale, BEWARE SOFTIES!!
    Guitar stuff for sale:

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