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Thread: HELP!!!help with jam room arrangement.

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    nope,bought it during november...I think it was durin the year end sale.

    Ya,pretty good deal for about 500++.I almost bought a yamaha stage pass which cost around 900++ till someone at luthiermusic told me about it.

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    denosha : heheh. then do check your PM inbox. maybe we can work somethin that can be shared down here @ soft.
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    Kimmi, well done! just that you don't really need to have a big towel to mute the drum. you just need to have it thick, and clip unto the drum rim as you did. the clue is to mute it thru a thick cloth or towel in contact with the drum skin.
    you did well for the cymbal!

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    oh yes, please clip it to the skin surface where you are hitting on.

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