This Taylor 914ce is just about two weeks old and owner bought it locally from Sinamex.
The whole guitar is a girl beautifully dressed with makeup on and lovely jewelry. She stands out in looks with a Fine tight grain mastergrade sitka top ..followed by dark tight grain indian rosewood which exhibits rich purple with red hue colour with depth.

It comes with the famous Coveted CINDY INLAYS on the fretboard which is a must me this is the best fretboard inlay in the market. Abalone top pufling with a bound rosewood soundhole and whole guitar is bound in Rosewood binding with red pufling lines on the body.

its comes with a forward shifted advance x bracing system with the lower bout having the relief cut on the perimeters on the top. This gives your more bottom end...and there is a trade loose a bit of the clear highs found on the old 90s Taylor Guitars.

Comes with the NEW 2011 Updated latest version ES pickup system( I have lost count on the number of versions they have ....they must have not perfected the pickup all these years as i could still hear the white noise HISS coming from the neck pickup when i turn up the volume on my AER Compact 60 Amp)

If you like the ES system go ahead buy it...if you don't I strongly suggest you order your New 914c without the pickup and fit the pickup of your choice.

have a look at the video and enjoy
cheers jarvis