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Thread: WTS> TAMA Superstar 5pcs Drum set W/cymbals! (CHEAP!!)

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    WTS> TAMA Superstar 5pcs Drum set W/cymbals! (CHEAP!!)

    WTS> TAMA Superstar 5pcs Drum set (CHEAP!)

    Hi all, I'm selling my drum set. They are only 2 years old. Looks as good as new with shiny metal hoops. There is only abit of oxidation and rust on the screws and bolts. I'm only selling them for $500!**(Exclude Cymbals)



    Bass drum - 22"(Width)x 18"(Depth)
    Snare - 14"(Width) x 6"(Depth)
    Tom toms - 12"(Width) x 9"(Depth) AND 13"(Width)x 10"(Depth)
    Floor Tom - 18"(Width)x 16"(Depth)


    (All hardware cymbal stands are from TAMA)
    TAMA Drum throne INCLUDED!
    1x HiHat Stand
    2x Straight Cymbal Stands
    1x Boom Stand
    TAMA stock Single Pedal
    1x Drum key

    **PURCHASE THE FULL SET FOR $1100!**(Total retail price of full drum set can reach up to $3000)

    14"Istanbul Mehmet Flat Hole Hi-Hats
    20"Istanbul Mehmet Sultan Ride
    16"Sabian XS Thin-Crash
    16"Paiste PST Medium Crash

    I'm currently playing on a 4pcs kit hence the 2nd tom is not mounted.

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    Are u looking to sell ur cymbals separately?

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    hey i am intrested in your drums if it is still on sale... if can i will get it for $500 end if this month... pls contact me 86130032

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