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    Multiple pcs of each.
    white pickup covers, $2 each.
    white volume and tone knobs, $2 each
    3 ply cream pickguard (wbw), $10
    1 strat backplate $5
    Generic strat pickups (eg Aria, Samick, Squier), have neck mid bridge but willing to split. $10 for 1, add $5 for additional. Good for projects.
    Epiphone bridge humbucker $15
    MWTS: Vintage bass neck with zero fret. Tuners included. $100. Prefer to trade for a modern neck.

    Buy more get more discounts.

    Padded gig bag for electric
    Electric hardcase
    Padded gig bag for bass
    Electric body with NO NECK/MID ROUTE. Something like Squier Bullet Special. Also willing to buy if selling together with neck.

    Willing to do trades and topup either side if necessary. Deal at my location. PM me.
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    You got balls to post those items.. Pickups aren't even working and some of the others are as good as stolen from me.

    For the guys who dont know what the rest of my post is about:
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    1) you knowingly sold me a guitar with pickups not working? Anyway its not the same, i thrashed those cause of the...
    2) coloured white pickup covers. Coloured using a marker from white to half pink half black.
    3) everything was not wired. You put pots and pickups all screwed in but nothing wired together.

    You claim a cold solder joint costs you 35 bucks? 50 bucks, tops. So how about my damage? Rewiring already is 30 bucks in itself. New white covers at secondhand price, 6 bucks. New pups, 20 bucks. Total 56 bucks. At least. Btw, the pedal was completely fine when it left my house. So yes things like that occur but, seriously? YOU have the balls to complain and start a thread on this? When you knowingly sold me a guitar with spoilt pups and everything not wired? And not mention any of these things? Just clearing up my name.

    So please do not get all self righteous, just so the others know. No point kicking up a fuss over a bad deal for me, as well, but since you brought it up just wanna let everyone know my side.

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    Nice try bro. If you were not happy about it you should have told me and not just hang up on my call.. People that know me know that I'm reasonable and I will work something out if I'm at fault. At most we could have swapped back but you chose to ignore my attempts at contacting you. You should have let people know your side in the thread above months ago and settle things with me personally, you know how patient I was and the effort I put in to contact you, all the PMs, SMSes and calls.

    I told you about those already.. Asked if you wanted the pickups that were in it, you said no. So I took them out and gave you stock ones. I remember giving you other pickup covers or offering to. Of course the pots were in and not wired cos I took out the pups. You knowingly bought a defective product man. I also clearly remember saying if theres any problems or anything you're unhappy with just call me, I tell that to everyone I deal with.. Did you call? No.

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    Nicely rebutted

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    4 months after is a bit too late to act the victim. Should note that while he ignored wck's calls he picked up calls from other numbers.

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    @wck: Sorry, but you have not agreed with or denied my first question: Did you sell me defective pickups? You said in your very first response
    Quote Originally Posted by wck View Post
    Pickups aren't even working and some of the others are as good as stolen from me.
    So i assume that you knowingly sold me a guitar with defective pickups?

    I knowingly bought a defective product?
    You asked if i wanted stock or aftermarket pickups. I said stock because if it were aftermarket, i'd have to topup. Correct?
    You never said anything about it not being wired up.

    You remember giving me other pickup covers? Dude, you gave me one half-pink half-black cover on one pickup, one full pink and one full black, all coloured with permanent marker. And nothing was said about them, and i definitely do not remember you offering new pickup covers. And nothing was said about them being coloured because the pickups weren't even on the body, they were in a bag in a compartment. I only realized when i got home.
    Btw, i did not knowingly sell you a spoilt pedal. I checked the night before, twice, and even messaged you to tell you everything's working fine.
    And no, i didn't respond/call back because i felt that in terms of cost, they roughly cancel out. I even take more damage. So just forget it.
    @Carboxymoron: I don't wanna be victim, just getting the story clear. I'm wrong for not responding, yes. But maybe both parties have something to work on.
    @J.Custom: ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by carboxymoron View Post
    4 months after is a bit too late to act the victim. Should note that while he ignored wck's calls he picked up calls from other numbers.
    Seriously, what he said. That by itself says a lot already.

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    Yup, I sold you spoilt pickups. I told you first tho.. Sorry if I wasn't clear with the deal but if you weren't happy you could have voiced it out when we met or the numerous times I tried to contact you. Umm, its not that you didnt call back, you picked up the phone and hung up when you found out who I was. Was saying "no" so hard? Is explaining yourself even harder? I doubt so... because you just did it.

    It might be late but honestly, I would have thown in my extra pickup covers for free, taken back the guitar, rewired the pickups for you or discuss an alternative deal with you. I've accepted returns for worse reasons.

    Thanks for stirring shit J.custom haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wck View Post
    Thanks for stirring shit J.custom haha.
    Any time bro, any time

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