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Thread: Want to gather all L'Arc~En~Ciel fans here in this thread!!!!

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    Want to gather all L'Arc~En~Ciel fans here in this thread!!!!

    Please reply to this thread, thanks.

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    i love hyde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi all L'Arc~En~Ciel fans, they are having a world tour next year 2012, please go to the link below to enter your email and country (Singapore!!!).

    Don't say L'Arc~En~Ciel never give us Singaporean a chance, please spread around. Cheers!!!!!!

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    I love Hyde too! I am a big L'Arc-en-Ciel fan!

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    4 Asia countries have been selected....... where's Singapore?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Consider myself quite a fan of their music too!
    Favourite songs are New World and Season's Call.

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    l'arc HK concert

    Hi I got 2 tickets from the pre-sale of Laruku Hong Kong Tour on 3 Mar 12. My friend and I eventually decided to go to the Bangkok one so as to join our other friends. Though we very much want to go for both, we are tied down by work and has to sacrifice one of them.

    The seats we gotten are in Block 3 sides seats (Cat A- HKD 990 each). I will follow up with details on our tickets or do drop me an email at if you are interested to get them. We are selling at the price we bought them and not at a profit as that is not our purpose Details on the seating plan:

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    Hi all, I got 1 extra ticket for the L'Arc~en~Ciel Singapore Concert to sell, it's a fifth row from the stage and located at PA1 zone. Do let me if anyone interested. Thanks.

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