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Thread: Who's Your Favourite Drummer?

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    Who's Your Favourite Drummer?

    1. Pat Torpey
    2. Mike Portnoy

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    Akira Jimbo
    Ethan Ong
    Senri Kawaguchi

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    Dr Steve Gadd man

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    Chad Smith, Neil Peart.

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    Adding a few more, John Bonham, agreed with edrummer, Steve Gadd is good, Buddy Rich, Dave Grohl, Terry Bozzio...

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    Life's too short to cry, but long enough to try. - March Of Time.
    Beyond The Hands Of Time

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    Travis Barker & Buddy Rich!

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    Gavin Harrison, Danny Carey

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    Drummers that rock

    Sir Mike Portnoy- Dreamtheater
    Blake Richardson-Between the buried and me
    Lech- As blood runs black
    Moe Carlson-Protest the hero
    Live Happy.

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    cant say i have a fav drummer... i love every single one of them...

    my theory, if you idolize someone, you will only be like that someone...
    for me i hope to be like all of them combined...

    dont chew me cuz i got no fav drummer... cheers

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