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Thread: Any Place For Custom Decals?

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    Any Place For Custom Decals?

    Hello guys. Feel like putting a deathbat decal on my schecter. Does anyone know of a shop that can do this? And usually price range around how much? Cheers.

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    Go look up for syn custom decal in ebay..

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    Oh lol paiseh didnt know decals meant stickers. I thought is paint on guitar. Lol. Tks anw.

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    the only way to go about it is to cut custom inlays and fit onto your guitar which might eventually cost you more than the guitar itself. in that case, it makes more sense to buy the guitar with those inlays in stock.

    sticker inlays are cool put when they start peeling, it gets in the way. you might even get buzzing on your strings. I had stickers once and totally hated them especially when it was time for me to clean my rosewood fretboard. had to peel them off and stick new ones which really made no sense to me hence I decided NOT to put sticker decals on my guitars ever again.

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    Huge sacrifice yeah? Sorry i didnt say properly, haha, i actually wanted decals After the floyd rose bridge near the butt of the guitar. But yeah i think ill consider after what u said. Thks!

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