I have a Jetter Gear Gain Stage Red on sale. This is the very first edition of D-style Overdrive offered by Jetter Gear (alongside with its other discontinued such as Blue, Gold and Purple). It's been steady on my board for the past 3 years. I'm letting it go now as I've found something else that suits my needs better.

The pedal has been serviced thoroughly last year (I sent directly back to Brad of Jetter Gear himself). The pedal comes with box, manual and velcro.

I did some demoes way back in 2008. But do a search and you will find many other better representations of the pedal around.


Pic: http://www.flickr.com/photos/namakad...7627060902008/

Price: This pedal still can be bought new on eBay (I believe) at US$209. I'm leaving offer open. Drop me an email at namakadavid (at) gmail (dot) come. Do NOT PM and I'm NOT looking for any other trades except for some nice '12 speakers.