LEAD GUITARIST NEEDED to complete VK band line up.

konbanwa everyone, my band sonic streak (http://www.facebook.com/sonicstreak) is looking for lead guitarist. we are into VK, if you like VK style and Jrock music or if you're hoping to become VK and you are a instrumentalist (dont need to be very good, no stress, although our practices are regimental), and if put playing Jrock as ur first priority, and you think u have potential to rock on stage, do PM me, looking forward to meeting our new lead guitarist. Ja ne, arigato gozaimasu~

our main purpose for practicing hard, is for gigging at japanese anime / cosplay events, and to target to be able to put off a great performance. if you are willing to go through with us, welcome on board.

p.s. current line up:
me: rhythm guitars, vox,
yukie: drums
influences: The Gazette, Versailles, Nightmare, SID, Alice Nine.

Here's a video of lead vocalist's recent solo performance at *SCAPE
for your assessment
hope to meet our new lead guitarist soon!~
contact Riven-kun @ 9692 0982