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Thread: "The Actors" bar rocks!!!!

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    "The Actors" bar rocks!!!!

    Just wanted to say that I stumbled across The "Actors" bar the other night down at boat quay, went in and had an amazing time! The impromptu/customer band were fab and they knew all the songs I requested to sing. Lovely people too!
    Definately will be going back there!!!
    I then stepped out and went to the SOuthbridge Jazz club, and after having such a chilled out experience at The Actors bar, this was a upper class high brow venue where we had to buy 2 drinks per person minimum to stay there... The Jazz piano player was great, the singer was ok, but jazz wasn't meant to be that clinical and in such a sterile environment... where's the soul, the pain and the guts that belongs to that music?? It was very laaa dee daa!!! I won't completely write it off, but I was disappointed!
    Aussie Jazz SInger...Pam

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    Yeah, Actor's is a fun place to hang out and watch the band, people are friendly too.. You could take a walk down boat quay and go to the Harry's nearby.. Great band playing too..

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    i went therre once, seems like they have their own community of regulars there. after a certain time, they all start comin in and then it gets very happening inside.
    My neighbours hated me eversince i bought my hartke gig pack.

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    i went there before, lovely place =)

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    hi, can tell me more abt the actors bar, where eaxctly is it and how much entrace/cover charge??

    well..i went to vintage bar..and this place great..i lvoe all the songs they played.. all ROCKK BEB ROOCKKK~~ AS IN.. REALL RROOCKKK~~!!!!

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    it's a cool joint. happy hours before 8pm are not bad. no cover charge

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    its always fun to hang out there...they generally invite ppl on stage to play

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    Well,there's some songs which i think the management don't want too much of? i got asked to turn down amp's volume when i am at my creative peak... 8)

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    Expects the Lousiest & Horrific Service in A Jammin' Bar!!!

    Recently, we encountered the most disgusting rules set by this particular jamming bar. After ordering our drinks, we have had the rudest experience!
    This so-called popular jamming bar along Circular Road (Boat Quay) had a long history but had many "change of hands". Not only the service is getting from worst, it crumbles to the most annoying that you can imagine, especially if you are a patron there for 10 over years...YOU WILL BE HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED.
    At first, we were poached by some unfriendly Filipino male waiter, who likes to tap on patrons’ shoulders to ask for orders (NEVER EVER do this unless you are super familiar with the customers but even though, its considered as a rude gesture especially if you are dealing with business owners, its considered as "BAD-LUCK-TAP” on shoulders or back.
    Then this was what we found out later, that every individual(s) has/have to order at least 1 drink! If not, you are told to leave ABRUPTLY?!? One of our invited friends, whom just had his fill, was one of the victims. He mentioned many times, that he would order much later of course, after a heavy meal. Yes, they kept pestering him every 5 to 10 seconds. And it was already quite embarrassing even when we tried to reason out that we did ordered ours earlier. Unfortunately, we caught this other male Filipino "manager" red handed when he imposed his ill-mannered treatment towards our friend, by asking him to leave immediately!!!
    Does this bar/pub ever value/treasure any loyal customer(s); be it for any future referrals by them, or so…these actions, made us even more disgusted with them. By giving such lousy service quality standard during such recession period, would only means that nobody in sane mind would patronize them ever after in future.
    Before that, we were also told that anybody who does not buy any drink cannot jam at this free jamming place. It’s a great irony to hear such remarks when it is a jamming place for anybody besides musicians and you cannot jam when you don’t order? Was it so compulsory that 1 in a group, MUST buy something??? And to make matters worst, the rudeness & aggressive behavior of this Filipino "manager" turns us off immediately when he started tapping another (whom ordered drink earlier) again, then challenged all of us to leave immediately too.
    We were so taken aback by his action when he did these actions repeatedly again and trying to humiliate every customer(s) individually "AS A PAYING CUSTOMER". It doesn't work this way for a business to run or to act like a bouncer in a small bar/pub.
    The situation got worst when we confronted the so-called "PERSON-IN-CHARGE". He plainly said that "Yes, its their policy", and said the reason that people who don't order will OCCUPY more SPACE for the rest of the people who wish to enter their bar/pub....What a laughingstock he made out of himself because when he said that, that very night itself had less than 10 regular patrons.
    We heard from another jamming place, that this was not only our complaint. They have heard from 3 other expatriates who went there the same night suffered big time humiliation too!
    So, this means that service quality is still number One in Singapore and even if you don't practise it - it will only eventually show the ugly side of Singapore especially for any tourists/expatriates and even to locals, that Singapore is nothing but a RUDE country, no doubt of being rated the safest city to stay.
    VERDICT: HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED! GO AT YOUR OWN RISK IF YOU WISH TO BE HUMILIATED AT LARGE. Don’t ever patronize this place call the “Actors” at Circular Road (Boat Quay). You will regret if you deal with their ill mannered staff and feel unjustified with their horrific & lousiest service!

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    thank you for your feed back, i will never ever, in my life patronise this establishment. thank you for saving my time .

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