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Thread: Forum rules and regulations

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    Forum rules and regulations

    As SOFT forum grows from day to day, i want to lay down some rules to guide fellow SOFTies. Actually, most are pretty common sense. So, instead of me inventing new rules, let's see what is common practise out there in the cyber world.

    [edit: please read the text by RudimentalDrummer below]

    If you see anything that you feel is not right in the forum, do alert me via PM or email. I am only 1 person, definitely need all the help I can get.



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    First and foremost please keep in mind that this is a moderated forum. There are plenty of places on the Internet where you can pretty much do and say whatever you want. This is not one of them.

    The metaphor that I would like to use is that of a party. James, the founder of Soft, is throwing a party and you are welcome to join, as long as you are a polite guest. The forum Moderators are the doormen or helpers. We work here for Soft and we enforce the house rules. There is nothing personal about what we do. If you are a good guest then you will have the opportunity to converse with not only many other people with similar interests and varying degrees of skill, experience, and knowledge, but also more than a dozen top professional musicians who stop by on a regular basis. If, on the other hand, you show us that you cannot follow the rules or behave in a polite fashion, then you will be shown to the door. There might or there might not be temporary bans, and there is no further discussion.

    And now, on to the rules



    There is no trolling or flaming or insulting of others allowed. Do not make comments that are sexist, racist, pejorative, obscene, inflammatory, spiteful, abusive, threatening, or in any way insulting or disrespectful to any individual or group of people. Do not allow disagreements to become personal. Attacking or insulting another forum member rather than disagreeing with their point of view will not be tolerated. If you have a chip on your shoulder or an axe to grind, this is not the place for you.

    If you are a regularly contributing member here, try to help those who are new. Mocking or otherwise disrespecting a “newbie” is much less welcome than an innocent mistake by someone who might not know better.

    Each & everyone here is different and unique and valuable. if you disagree with someone else's opinion, show your intelligence by arguing your case wisely and respectfully. Any fighting will be monitored and then moderated. Repeat offenders will be warned and then may be banned from the forum.

    2) BALANCE AND VALUE. ( Common Internet Etiquette )

    Please think carefully before making a new thread. Read through existing threads in case one exists already with similar subject matter, use the SEARCH Function. Too many threads actually can ruin a forum. Moderators may delete obvious repeats if the problem persists. Also consider which forum your thread belongs to. Try to only post a thread in the 'General discussion at Kopi-Tiam' forum if it really doesn't fit anywhere else. Please give clear titles to your threads too. Vague mis-leading titles are really annoying and may be modified.

    Furthermore try not to just increase your post-count by posting useless, frivolous posts (for example 'I agree' or 'lol, you da man') . Some short posts will be tolerated particularly from members with a history of quality contribution and if they are in line with the flow of the conversation. this will be at the Admin's discretion.

    Do not “bump” a thread to bring it back to the top of the page. Do not create multiple accounts. Do not quote posts that are in obvious violation of the rules and therefore likely to be deleted. Do not use large fonts and annoying colors (unless with specifically good reasons) , and please, don’t use too many animated “smilies.” when posting.

    If you see a post that breaks the rules, please click on the “Report Post” icon within that post; this will report the post to the Moderators. Spammers will be immediately banned.

    What is a troll? It's a person who posts something which is bound to stir people up and then sits back and watches as dozens of people jump in and start arguing. Sometimes trolls get their friends to join in or post under different names. Generally they will do anything it takes to get attention. If you see a message like this, please try and refrain from replying to it - it may well be locked/deleted anyway.

    Trolling is further considered one of two things. Either continual running a topic into the ground incessantly, or dragging up old arguments against a specific user/group/ect. long after they're appropriate discussion and targeting them specifically in arguments needlessly. Trolling is the first step towards outright harassment of other members. This is the single biggest no-no in the community. Letting every argument drop isn't always a possibility, but learning when to let things go is a valuable tool, and not just in this community.

    Flaming, in the most common sense definition, is saying something negative in an attempt to get a more negative response. This is completely and totally unacceptable. It will not be tolerated, and in most cases will be punished severely. Never resort to personal insults, never extend a debate beyond the topic on hand needlessly, and try to avoid patronizing language.


    Remember all ages (as young as five years old) and all beliefs will use this Soft’s forum. Try to keep language and subject matter as clean as possible. If I have to describe what this means to you then you probably don't belong here.

    6) WARNING: - Religion, Racial Discrimination, Political Issues - Not Allowed To be Discussed Here At Soft

    Discussion pertaining to/on Very Sensitive Issues as in - " Religion, Racial Discrimination, and Politics, especially " are not permitted at Soft......and worst case scenario, can lead to an immediate Banning from this forum at the discretion of the Admin here

    Section 298 of the Penal Code, Chapter 224, anyone with deliberate intention of wounding the religious or racial feelings of any person, causes any matter however represented to be seen or heard by that person, can be jailed up to three years, or fine, or both, if convicted as stated

    Please note that this particular section is for your personal ads only. If you are trading commercially, please do contact James (Soft) for advertising opportunity directly ...Thank You for your kindest cooperation.

    Do Not Sell /Ask For Fake Items Here - No Exceptions Given - Immediate Banning.


    Please Do Not abuse the Quote button, whenever you are replying in the forum. Use it only when you are referring to a point that another user made, DO NOT quote the entire whole paragraph wholesale

    when in doubt, always use the Post Reply button!


    Each and every individual Forumer here is allowed to use only one nick within Soft Forum. Forumers using more than one-nick (eg 2 or 3 Nicks) will either have the other nicks being deleted/banned or all their Nicks being Banned by the Forum Administrator.


    Do not post words or images that are sexually or violently graphic in nature, do not discuss drug use or any illegal activities, and do not post links to such images or discussions. If you choose a user name, avatar, or signature that violates any of these rules it will be deleted, and if we deem it appropriate you will be banned with no warning other than what you are reading here.

    This forum is visited by all kinds of people: pro musicians who have been in the business for decades, 10-year-old kids, moms and dads looking for help purchasing their child's first kit, teachers, amateurs, hobbyists, and hard working musicians who post here only when they aren't practicing or gigging. Communicate your thoughts in a way that is helpful and respectful without embarrassing anyone, including yourself. Don't use insulting or crude slang words, even if it is language that you use commonly with your peers. Try not to substitute asterisks or other symbols for letters in words when it is obvious what you are actually saying. Try to keep language and subject matter as clean as possible. If you cannot express yourself without mentioning body parts, excretory functions, or reproductive behavior, we ask that you practice your conversational skills elsewhere before utilizing them here.

    If it seems that you have made an honest mistake in judgment, your post will be edited or deleted and a Personal Message (PM) from a Moderator will be sent to you. Please do not respond by defending your words or arguing.


    You did not pay to be here. So please remember the following:

    James maintains this Soft’s website/forum, and the Moderators have complete say over what transpires on the forum., don't argue with them, don't question their actions. If they decide to delete something or censor something, don't e-mail or question them, it's their decision and perogative (and rights here). They are not paid to do the job. They like coming here too and also want to post on the forum….so be sensible everyone.

    Just remember that sometimes what you perceive is a narrow part of a greater story. Moderators are privy to a lot of information that you may not know. if we had to explain everything we do to you then it would be an impossible job for us. Try to understand that our team reads the forum very widely and does communicates with each other through PMs too.

    But... most of all we want you to have fun, sharing and learning from people who share this ancient music passion here at Soft.
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    The rules are clearly posted, common sense, and easily understood. I have no interest in discussing particular individuals to whom this applies. If a member is banned, it is most likely that either they egregiously violated the rules, they continued to break the rules after being warned, or they sent us an an argumentative or offensive PM. In any case it is likely that there was more going on behind the scenes than you were aware of.

    Obviously sometimes honest mistakes will be made while posting and the Moderators will take the necessary steps to rectify minor situations such as moving posts to the proper topic or deleting double posts, but when the situation is more serious then more serious measures are called for. Warnings are almost always given and ignored, again usually multiple times.

    Follow the rules: don't insult or use vulgar language, stay on subject, post in the proper topic, don't spam, etc. etc. etc. and if possible, don't discuss moderation on the forum openly as it is sensitive, (and it can subject forumers to an immediate banning, depending on how it has been put forward here on a case to case basis), And please remember that you are a guest here..

    Yes and please don't ask us for a case history each time a mate of yours gets banned. I know some guys are popular here and it is sad when they repeatedly step over the line as if they have earned the right to flaunt our rules or challenge our authority. from this moment on I will not respond to PMs asking me why so and so was banned.

    Our decisions on these matters are never personal, and taking sides in such disputes is silly and pointless. Please remember that no forum member is indispensable, and your post count or the number of your friends does not give you a pass to break the rules.

    It is simple. Follow the rules. Don't ever think you have become indispensable to the forum. Don't even believe that the forum will lose some sort of 'quality' if you or a mate of yours is banned, it will not. So just be cool.

    James (Soft) has a lot of patience & tolerance (we all knows that) but he does gets tired of all this rubbish many a times too. No one is above the rules and regulation here at Soft, except for the ones that set it (This happens anywhere, everywhere, like it or not, learn to accept this).

    There are times, after being a nice member with nice posts and interesting statements and posts, some members just feel the need to test the borders and limits and the patience of all of us here (The Admin)...

    Is it thoughtlessness or just simply boredom, I don't know, some just wanna try. Perhaps they are just tired of the forum and instead of leaving silently, they prefer to stir up some troubles here at Soft….for this sorry lah - ! Adios Amigo !

    So we do have to react and step up measures here, for as much as we would want to pleased everyone, we are unable to as it will make our task almost impossible. Because we will and we want to stay here and so a word of caution to everyone – Just don't go overboard.

    Just keep all of the above in mind when you wonder why someone has been banned. Much goes on behind the scenes and our history here shows people usually end up acting like complete morons before getting tossed out the door

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    A Short Story - Please Read !

    Once a upon a time, there was a very nice Host who invited anyone to his home party for free. There were plenty of food & drinks and he just wanted everyone to enjoy themselves and be merry.

    And because there were so many people attending this very party, the host needed to engage helpers to help him manage the party. Everyone was enjoying themselve there and there were indeed plenty of free food and drinks for everyone.

    When the party ended, the host and his helpers have plenty to clean up as some who attended the party had dirty the place without any consideration for others. The cleaning up was very tiring.

    Anyway, the host being a very nice person, hosted a second party and again everyone came and at the end of the day, the same thing happens, and there were plenty of cleaning up that needs to be done by the host and his helpers.

    The helpers told the host “Why don’t you stop organizing such free parties, it’s really very very tedious and each time we have to clean up like hell”. But the host being a really nice man said ” No, I intend to continue hosting these parties for the sake of the people and it shall remain free for them till I really can’t manage or afford it” …… So, the host and his helpers decided to setup certain House-Rules for all those attending future parties to make life easier for everyone attending, by keeping and fostering a healthy and cleaner environment for all there.

    The next party came, House-Rules were stated clearly (either by written or by verbal) to all those who attend. Eg. Please do not wear your shoes inside the house, please do not drink till you are so drunk and please don’t fight here etc etc.

    As usual some hardcore who came to the party couldn’t care less about the House-Rules and just do whatever they pleased simply ignoring all or some of the house rules(but there are also people who did abide by thehouse-rules for they know how to respect and appreciate the host for his kindness)…..The trouble-makers drink till they are drunk, they dirty the place and they fight…..and when the party ended, they just leave the party, and the poor host and his helpers would have to clean up the place once again like hell at the end of the day.

    At the next party, the host and his helpers had decided not to invite these trouble-makers (who doesn’t abide by the House-Rules). So, as usual everyone came and enjoy the party. When the Trouble-Makers came to know about it, they were unhappy and started questioning the host and the helpers why are they not being invited and had been left out. So the host and his helpers said to them “you can all come and continue enjoying the party with the rest, provided you abide by our house-rules” …. The trouble makers were really angry and unhappy, and they replied - “Why can’t we do what we like out here at your home, we do have our freedom to do what we like don’t we, and isn’t this party hosted by you for …. FREE?”.

    The host said ” Yes this party is indeed FREE to everyone, eat drink and be merry, but when you are here, you must abide by our house-rules “, cause you must also understand that each and everyone of us here had really put in a lot of effort to make this party as enjoyable as possible for everyone and we intend to keep this home as clean as possible instilling a healthy environment. So, if only you will abide by our house-rules, you are most welcome back anytime to join us in this party.

    Well, and so for some of the trouble-makers who abide by the rules did change themselves, they join the party back, and those that doesn’t wants to abide by the rules were asked to leave the party, still arguing and unhappy about – Why the need to abide by the House-Rules of the Host. They were simply just being too stubborn and so they had to leave.

    The fact remains that ever since the day we were born, we do live by many sets of rules…Don’t we ?

    Our parents does give us a set of House-Rules (Dos & Don’ts). When we go to other people’s home, they all have their own unique sets of House-Rules (Dos & Don’t’s) which are different in many aspects and we abide as a gesture of respect.

    When we go to schools, doesn’t a school have it’s own (Dos & Don’ts), so does different schools have theirs differences in some ways.

    When we come out to the society and work, don’t we also realize that different organization have their own (Dos & Don’t’s) too?

    What about the Bigger Society eg Different Countries, do they not have their own (Do’s & Don’t’s)?

    And so, there is really no differences here - - - - - - - as a Cyber-Home For Musicians out here, too have it’s own sets of (Dos & Don’ts).

    The ultimate test of abiding by the (Dos & Don’t’s of a home by it’s owners) is merely – “A Sign/Gesture/Test Of Due Respect & Appreciation” - given or not - to it’s rightful owners.
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    A Note About Deleted Posts

    Realize that you will be held responsible for your own words. If your post is deleted for inappropriate language, please do not PM the Moderators telling us that we should have just edited your post. It is not unusual for us to have hundreds of visitors online at any given time, and editing everyone's posts is simply impractical, to say the least. If you spend 15 to 30 minutes writing a post and can't be bothered avoiding language that is not allowed here, you will have no one to blame but yourself when that post disappears.

    Sometimes posts are deleted simply because, in our estimation, there is no place for them here. Again, we have the final say over the content of this forum.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    It will be assumed that you have read and agree to the rules enumerated herein

    As may be inferred from the subject line of this post, by using this forum it will be assumed that you have read and agree to the rules enumerated herein. It is our sincere hope that you will enjoy your stay here and use this forum to further your education on music and to help others along the perpetual path to musical perfection, but we completely understand if these rules are not to your liking and we wish you the best of luck in your search for a home on the Internet where you will feel more comfortable. Keep in mind, however, that there is a very good reason why so many musicians uses this forum, and why so many clinicians, educators, and industry leaders recommend this site on a regular basis. Soft’s Music Forum is one of the best of its kind here within Asia and we are very proud of what we have created and achieved. Stick around, contribute in the way that you can, and most importantly have fun.
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    were there deletion of posts recently here? I'm trying to find the fluidity of the thread but can't seem to make head or tail of your recent post.

    Perhaps the feedback and suggestion section should be made transparent and censorship-free as long as the posts is/are non-vulgar or hate-inciting? Then we can know what suggestions or feedback are being addressed.

    I have nothing to say, and I'll only say it once.

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    Yes there is (many deletion of posts recently and I'm not just implying within here in this thread but at many other Threads within Soft) and of course you wont know the details (PM Transpired between Forumers whose post are deleted with James or myself or any other Moderators here).

    Feedback & Suggestion can be used - but as stated above - Not for compromise with issues as regards to any "Discussion Pertaining To Moderation Issues here within the Forum" very clearly and is subject to banning (depending on what had been posted, and how is it being put across at hand on a case to case basis).

    Rules are rules...sorry bro (I will not answer openly here) as to the reasons why all these - much must have had happened behind the scene .... but whatever it is - we just want Soft to be a better environment for all - hope you understand our core objective ...thanks


    To Everyone: - Please Do not Post Anything Here, but you can PM me directly if in doubt.
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    Tips To Resolve Conflicts

    These advices are aimed primarily at resolving differences between individuals, forums and organisations likewise.

    Although the principles are listed separately, it is possible to use one followed by another or to use two or more at the same time. Use whatever seems appropriate to your situation and, if one technique does not work, try another.

    * Be calm. Conflict usually engenders strong emotions and even anger but, in such a state, you are unlikely to be particularly rational or in the mood for compromise.

    * Always show respect. However much you disagree with someone, attack the argument, not the person.

    * Be magnanimous. In truth, most conflict is over matters of little substance and often it is mostly pride or status that is at stake. Consider conceding the point to your opponent. This will save you time and energy and you can concentrate on the important issues of difference rather than the smaller ones. Also, if your concession is done with good grace and even some humour, it will disarm your opponent and make him/her look small-minded by comparison.

    * Discuss or debate. So often, conflict is created and/or maintained because there is no real discussion or debate. We make assumptions about the other person's point of view and willingness to compromise which might be quite wrong. We avoid discussion or debate either because we fear conflict (the situation will rarely be as bad as you fear) or we worry about 'losing' (in which case, you've already 'lost').

    * Apply rationality. Much conflict is not about substance but perception. Try to clear through the perception to discover and agree on how things really are. You won't manage this without discussion and you may need to research the facts and seek evidence. What is really worrying the other person? Has another person or company had a similar experience which might prove revealing and helpful?

    * Be aware of displacement. Especially where anger is concerned, sometimes the source of a conflict is not what it appears to be, as anger is displaced. It's not easy to spot displacement, but a warning sign is when matters that do not normally cause conflict now appear to do so.

    * Be precise. Instead of throwing everything into doubt and caused unncessary upset, be focused.

    * If all else fails, wait. Most problems change over time. Either the problem solves itself because circumstances change or one's attitude to the problem changes as the heat dies down and other matters assume more prominence. Therefore, if one cannot solve a dispute and its resolution can wait, maybe the best approach is to leave things alone for a while.

    * Accept the situation. Conflict is not like mathematics. There is not always a solution waiting to be found and, if there is a solution, it is unlikely to be the only one.

    * Finally, although these advice are about resolving conflict, be aware that conflict cannot always be avoided (especially when fundamental differences, as opposed to perceived differences, are involved) and not all conflict is negative (sometimes it 'clears the air'). The important thing is to keep wasteful and damaging conflict to a minimum and, when it does occur, use the relevant techniques to resolve or at least ease it.
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    Replica Guns are not stated in your rule and it is legal

    Please note that this particular section is for your personal ads only. If you are trading commercially, please do contact James (Soft) for advertising opportunity directly ...Thank You for your kindest cooperation.

    Do Not Sell /Ask For Fake Items Here - No Exceptions Given - Immediate Banning.

    I do not belief that LEGAL Custom Approved Harmless toygun is FAKE, neither is it illegal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RudimentalDrummer View Post

    I do not belief that LEGAL Custom Approved Harmless toygun is FAKE, neither is it illegal.
    In your 1st posting to selling your Toy-Gun...Soft had deleted your post and it simply means - It is not allowed so here for the Posting /selling of Replica Toy Guns....It is just as simple as that.

    Then - you make another similar post again here - selling this same old Toy Gun (that is supposed to be so real 1:1 scale) - and I have warned you not to post it again and appreciate your kind understanding...and a reminder to you - that if you should post it again - we will Banned you.

    Look here - When you're in Soft, you play by the rule here and who made the rules - "WE" ... don't come round arguing with us - about your beliefs....When we said "no" - it means "a no".

    Hope you get it and just move on from dont need to PM me and post it here...I will banned you if I have to.

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