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Thread: self learn drumming?

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    self learn drumming?

    hey im interested in drumming and would soon be learning how to. i was wondering if i could learn how to without going for lessons but learning through the net/book? any recommendation and tips?

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    I picked up drumming on my own about 8 years ago, and only had a chance to use a drum kit once a week (at church). In between I was just tapping my hands like a madman on the train to school every day. Haha.

    I must say that although I drum fairly well now, I missed out on a lot of basic techniques and rudiments and struggled to do things my own way. So definitely with the help of all these Youtube videos nowadays you can do a lot better.

    As always, practice, practice, practice. And don't stop practicing when you're away from your kit.

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    Agree. I self-learnt for a few yrs and didn't have a drum kit until recently. Its better to get a teacher to teach so you will learn the correct techniques from the very beginning.

    When i finally signed-up for lessons, realised many things i did incorrectly and had to take time to correct them.

    Good luck!

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