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Thread: Software or Driver Latency Issue ??

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    Software or Driver Latency Issue ??

    Hey guys, got a latency issue on here while doing recording with a Zoom G2.1U pedal direct usb into Reaper free trial. What I'm unsure of is - is this an issue with software or drivers,etc.

    My problem is - When I do recording, i'll normally put on a drum track, then record guitar plugged in via the pc mic-input on top of my drums right. now, when i try doing it with direct usb from the Zoom pedal, i find that, while monitoring myself play direct from the Zoom's headphones, i am on time with the drum beats. however, when i playback the recording, the guitar always seems to be out of time.

    i'm not exactly sure what's the issue, but i believe it's something to do with buffer size in Reaper. or the Zoom drivers' settings...

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    in the other thread I did mention that I prefer software monitoring solely because of that problem.
    you may be in perfect time with what you hear, but your computer may not be in perfect time with what IT hears.

    that's why I feel one should always listen to what the computer hears a.k.a software monitoring. then fix your latency issues within the computer rather than try bypass it the shortcut way.
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    thanks blueprint! i managed to solve my problem - realized i wasn't using the Zoom's asio drivers hehe

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