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Thread: Where's the soul in rock and roll?

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    Where's the soul in rock and roll?

    Hey dudes and dudettes, today im gonna start on an issue that i feel is plaguing the musician community in our sunny island. But first a lil' background.

    rock music's been around for like 50+ Years? and Singapore isnt exactly the closest place to the birthplace of rock. We are not exactly a western country but rather a bunch of cultural nomads going through that awkward teenage phase of being misunderstood, and i feel that culturally, we are one heck of a confused country.

    So guys i wanna ask, have we lost the soul of rock? It is beyond doubt that there is a considerably large pool of rock musicians in singapore but can we call ourselves creative artists if we remain entrapped in that vicious cycle of playing covers after covers or writing heavily-influenced originals? Musicians(myself included) aren't playing with emotion. maybe we're just too comfortable in our shells and in hiding behind our introverted eastern culture to fully embrace the intangible character of rock. or maybe it's time for a new genre of music that reaches the local audiences in ways that they can embrace. dont get me wrong, i love hard rock, post-rock, indie rock and metal. but when it comes to trying to be like our american or british counterparts i think we fall short considerably. we are different. Singaporeans have a culture, albeit in an embryonic stage, but many times we fail to embrace our uniqueness because we aren't sure of who we are, or whether our culture is something that is cool enough to embrace.

    So shouldn't we push to inculcate a culture that we love? Shouldn't we start producing art that celebrates our differences and music that gives us goosebumps of pride?

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    ok, noted. Lets do it

    1) What is the proposal, pdf format will do
    2) Targeted group
    3) Expected spending
    4) Duration
    5) Sponsors
    6) How to reach out to people all around
    7) How to start
    8) Advertising medium
    9) Coporate partners
    10) Your money or mine
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    hey man, cant tell if youre sarcastic or serious. but im talking from a consumers' point of view. like yknow how people always blame local audiences for not supporting local music? for me, i like local music, but i don't love it cause i dont feel connected. like i don't think "yeah i get how that feels" when i listen to a local song. yeah, so im sorry man. but i dont know shit about the music industry except playing and listening to music.

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    I don't particularly 'support' local music because of it's mediocrity.
    I listen, but there's just nothing that makes a lasting impression.

    This IS something I really want to discuss, because i just don't understand why the material seems stagnant.
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    It all boils down to conformity vs. individuality,
    Materialism vs. spirit-inspired
    safe vs. adventurous
    soft jazz vs. hard metal rock
    cowards vs. lonely heros

    Sad to say, most singaporeans tend to lean onto the left side of my examples above.
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    Don't make music to cater to Singaporeans, period.

    That being said, I feel that the underground scene in Singapore is pretty vibrant compared to the other genres, lots of support for each other. With the internet around, seriously why should you care so much about capturing attention from the locals here, especially when majority of the people are into the whole boy/girl band craze thingy.
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    simple...when a chinese sings in captures...when a malay sings in malay the same thing happen...when a chinese or malay try to sing in english..the soul is just not there...

    just my thoughts..u may disagree....hehe

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    ...deleted post, sorry...
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    Quote Originally Posted by AzNjT View Post
    I don't particularly 'support' local music because of it's mediocrity.
    I listen, but there's just nothing that makes a lasting impression.

    This IS something I really want to discuss, because i just don't understand why the material seems stagnant.
    To be honest, I have to agree with you. Often there's something lacking, or the music is too similar or somehow like an inferior copy of what we're hearing from the US, UK, etc. That said, there are hidden gems in our music scene, they just need more exposure and the sad thing is that most of these tend to appeal to a very small niche of people, hence they just get buried under the not-so-special acts.

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    Out of curiosity, what local bands have you caught in action? You whine there's no soul left in rock and roll and Singaporean bands are cheap covers of overseas, I say otherwise. For your information, do check my channel:

    I reserved all that thoughts until I really went down to catch our local acts live. Perhaps you might want to re-think about what you just posted again. Off head, I can you tell I'm already converted fans of Typewriter, Cheating Sons, Jocelyn Ng, West Grand Boulevard.

    What local live acts have you been to bro? If you're wondering where to catch them next, there's Ignite Music Event coming on 1 Jul. Highly rated indie local live acts gonna be there: PlainSunset, Fat Skunks, Caracal, Typewriter and plus it's free. Its at Republic Poly. Hope to see more positivity in your future posts.
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