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Thread: Drum Xchange :: 11 June 2011 at GRID New Media Studios *SCAPE Level 4

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    Thanks for the clip. Enjoyed myself.

    Just to share my own personal opinions. No hard feelings butties.

    A few of the traveller kit has emerged in the market.

    The more popular ones are the Pearl R.T, Tama StageStar and Trick etc.

    From the clip,

    Japan edition of Pearl R.t seems to have included good quailty hardware. I too, like the dept of the bass drum as compared to the normal R.t

    I have my reservations about the portabilty despite being able to pack into a 2 bags. The hardcase bag looks filled to the brim, no additional space if I would like to include an additional boom stand. Setting up seems to take a long time with all the screws, adjustments etc. I was taken aback by the high price, $1400 for this. It is way too expensive.

    One of the kits that are more user friendly I recommend is, Yamaha Hip Gig. Easy to setup, better sound and not too expensive in comparison with the Japan R.t. Another kit is the discontinued Pacific Chameleon. Toms have 2 heads and hardware is pretty durable as well. Snare is great. Both are going for about $1200 if I am not wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by weckish View Post

    One of the kits that are more user friendly I recommend is, Yamaha Hip Gig. Easy to setup, better sound and not too expensive in comparison with the Japan R.t.

    Another kit is the discontinued Pacific Chameleon. Toms have 2 heads and hardware is pretty durable as well. Snare is great.

    Both are going for about $1200 if I am not wrong?

    Thanks for Sharing Bro….I dunno abt the Pacific Chameleon,

    but I don’t think the Yamaha HG is cheap. Are you sure S$1200 can get ? ( with Cases & Fit whole thing like the RT here ? I don’t think so you know Bro…
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    Hi,The hip gig comes in 2 models, The main hip gig that is made in Japan, cost about $3k+ in Yamaha sg,
    But the manu katche (if i spell correctly), his hip gig model in yamaha now is $1100 with hardware, That is a good alternative, But that is still quite a large set compared to the Traveller edition, I rmb that the bass drum is 16", toms is 10" and 13", and snare is 12"

    The main Rhythm traveller drum set during a Swee lee sale is $500 - $550, Which has the 20" bass, 10,12,14 toms, and 14" snare, thats a good alternative too

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    Hi edrummer here again, i am saying my Unbiased thoughts about this drum set, No offence to anyone intended
    I have tried this Pearl rhythm traveller kit during drumsxchange, The toms, although they are only 8,10,12, they sound sweet, The

    Pearl rhythm traveller japan edition Gig set's Bass drum is an improved version of the Original pearl rhythm traveller gig set which sounds more boomy and stronger which is suitable for gigging.

    I rmb that Alfe and Melvyn foong said that they paid about $1500 for the kit with the Gig bags for the drum set, i agree with Weckish that they are sort of on the high side, But i have to say that the value and the beauty of the kit is in the beholders eyes, and i respect their decision into buying this kit,

    But i must defend Weckish words that they are also on the high side because, This kit from what alfe said, It was $700 for the kit + $200+ shipping, $300 for the bag + $200+ of shipping, Pls Correct Me if i am wrong,
    and from Swee lee sale, U can get the exact kit without hardware or cymbals for $350, But they are without the extra cymbal clamp and Bass drum pedal and hi hat stand,

    The travellers kit that they ordered from japan comes with black hardware, even the cymbal clamp and the boom stand is black, which is gorgeous on the white colour spotted kit, And for the improved bass drum And limited avaliability, paying this for $900 isnt really overpriced or expensive, and lets count the kit without shipping or gst as $700 which makes the kit looks more worth it,

    But i must admit that for $500+ for the bags, i find them expensive, but the prob is that, i dont find anywhere else where i can find this bags for sale.

    And if you were to ask me if i were to spend $900+ from Japan to order this kit, my answer is NO, its not because i have no money, but i believe i can get better deals,
    Lets say From sweelee, I purchase this kit for $350, I can spend $50 on a boom stand top, $120 on a Pearl eliminator single bass drum pedal, $70 for a basic tama hi hat stand, and $50 on a tama basic straight cymbal stand, hc32, and this will give me convenience of putting a crash and a ride as well as hats, And add up altogheter, $350 + $50 + $120 + $70 + $50 = $640, and i can fork out another $350 in ranking for a Meinl mcs cymbal set which adds up just nice to $1k, This might sound perfect,

    But the thing is, my kit is unlike Alfe or mel80's kit, Cos my kit is ordinary , while theirs is an collector edition,

    i hope you can get what i am trying to say, No harm or flaming intended, have a nice day
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    Please do not get me wrong. We all have the rights to spend our $$.

    I do respect the Owner's decision in getting those drums and I am sure they are enjoying their gears.

    I myself own 1 of the R.t when it first came out. I do agree that it looks so beautiful that I went straight down to sweelee to get my set. Sold it to a nice gentleman 2 years ago. It has served me well for a good 5 years.

    I do not own the Japan R.t myself, but I can foresee some of the cons that you might want to consider if you wish to buy it. Would put it down in details. Again, these are my 2c.

    Tone - Some loves how the R.t sounds. Some thinks it sounds really bad no matter how you tune it. Unfortunately, I belong to the 2nd group. Without the btm head, the sound is simply too thin and lack of depth. From looks, the snare drum of the Japan's edition looks really small. Takes a great effort to be doing brush works or even a simple rim click on it. I find it unsuitable to be brought out to a gigging suituation. Of course with good EQ and good mics, the kit would sound amazing, but most kits would sound amazing in that suituation.

    Setting up - Setting the R.t up is a chore. From the looks, the Bass drum takes a good 5-10 mins to setup. You have to dig out the Iss and all the attachement from the hardware bag. Then screw it in. Make sure the legs are event etc. Somehow, I think the issue of balancing is a big problem. Especially with the light weighted bass drum and the placement of the ride cymbal eventually. Not to mention the clamps, extensions. I think you would need a good 30-45 mins to make sure everything is set up and ready to rock.

    Portability - Only 2 bags to be lugged around, is a drummer's dream! But as mentioned earlier, the hardware case looks too packed to include another cymbal stand. Not to forget, if you are bringing it out for gigs, you have another cymbal bag to take with you. Argh!!! On the side note, the bags looks great and I simply love it.

    There are a few hip gigs around. I am not too sure if the $1200 hip gig includes cases, but the al foster and rick's model are inclusive of the cases.

    Frankly speaking, I would expect some creativity or improvement from Pearl regarding the R.t Although it has been around for quite some time, but improved versions should be done.

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    Hey, no worries about the comments. It is a very healthy and constructive discussion here. So keep them coming!

    I do agree that the shipping is a killer! Alfe and I were thinking, "does that exorbitant shipping cost justify our purchase?" for a bit. But we were sold by how well designed the bags were. But that again, is very subjective. For me, I like the fact that the bags fit snugly into the boot of a cab. Plus the bigger bag has rollers too. So I just need to drag everything downstairs and simply hop onto a cab if I need to bring it out for a gig.

    The fact that it came in white with black hardware made it even more attractive to me.

    Anyway, the whole purpose was to bring it down for fellow drummers to try it for themselves, especially since it is not available locally. Everyone can have their own opinion about the kit after trying it out. It's all good.
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    Wowwww = I realise something in this DXS Meetup – It had indeed SERVE IT’S PURPOSE WELL….

    And ( Before I forget) – Thanks To Alfe Mel for Sharing their Beloved Japan’s RT with us all at DXS Meetup and thus …This Exciting Topic was made possible here and all of you who had contributed here with your own Personal Opinions --- Thank you all.

    OK This is my Personal Opinion about The Japan RT:-

    I Think it sounded “ Really Great “ The Tone of the RT ( much better than the one I own before) – I’m not talking about Loudness here ( To be Fair for such a Tiny Little Traveller Kit) but that’s the PURPOSE ( for Travelling Drummers) …… But no worry ( want it louder – As Someone said --- Just Mic It).

    I mean Seriously …Even If we have a 22” Bass Drum ( Life-Size Standard Kit) --- and when you do Metal / Heavy Rock – The Guitarists will Cover away your Drums ( SBCS is a good Example = I Notice) What more about This small little 2-Wheeler – Japan Traveller Kit – Kekekekkeke … so still need to Mic it.

    I love “ Most Of All” – It’s Portability here ( Have Bag With 2 Wheel Will Travel ) and it Looks Really Good with all the Black Hardware… This is actually the Unique Selling Point of – This Kit here I guess…It intended to be SMALL and move around with 2 Wheels…hahahahahaha…

    I Do not know – The Setting Up Time for this Kit though ( but its ok lah ) We go to a Club we still need to Setup a Kit anyway according to our Own COMFORT. ? …

    Now If Someone were to Ask ? - - -

    “ Would You Pay S$1400.00 For A Brand New Small Little 2 Wheeler – Push / Carry Around Japan Rhythmn Traveller Kit “ -- - It Really Depends on The Drummer.

    (1) --- If the Drummer Upon Buying this Kit – Thinks – How much Would I be Able to Sell It for – in the RESALE MARKET – He Probably will not buy it seriously.
    (2) --- If the Drummer love it for its “ Unique Selling Point “ here which is non other then ( Beauty & Portability ) – Yes he will buy it - - and Reselling this Kit is not/never in his mind – when he Purchase this Kit.

    Would I buy it then …the answer is YES I will as I love it’s Portability here…

    NOTE: - Alfe / Melvin: - I will be the 1st to Reserve either one of your Japan RT – So when you get SICK & TIRED of this NEW-TOY – SELL IT TO ME…

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    My answer to your last question is very simple.

    Neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! wahahaaa
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    Quote Originally Posted by mel80 View Post
    My answer to your last question is very simple.

    Neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! wahahaaa
    Like that har Mel ..nevermind one… bo-chai I adore you & your drumming so much here ( that’s why I say buy yr Traveller kit) you reply me like that

    Ka-Lim-Peh-Ki-Tiao hor

    ( kekekekeke) but aiyah you are still one of my Favourite Drummer – So I will “ Print your Face at a 22” Bass Drum Reso & Batter “ – then I bring go to SBCS let all those Metal and Rock Drummers wack the hell out of you .. Chai See you. Huhhhhhhhhhh.
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    Great to see lively discussion here!!! hehe

    Just sharing complete information - I bought 2 sets via ishibashi, shipped via EMS.

    The Damage
    this is the actual breakdown of the costing per set.

    Taking current exchange rate (100 yen = S$1.53)

    Pearl RT-545N Pure White 37,100 yen S$567
    PSC-RT & PSC-HBC Bag Set 14,800 yen S$226
    Shipping + Insurance for all items 37,200 yen S$569
    7% GST charged by SingPost S$95
    (for goods valued S$400 and above)

    Total S$1457

    Without shipping, the whole thing, bags n all cost just all of $793 . OMG !!! if only we lived in Japan ...

    Thats the "problem" ... it was never meant to be a 1k and beyond priced drumset....

    Question: Why don't they sell this ... seemingly "superior" design (deeper, fuller kick sounding) drums in Asia & America as well?

    I was asking myself the same question.

    You see, I did a mass order of another fantastic Pearl drum product, the Multi-way Piccolo Mini snare drum some years back. Full story here:

    This is just the sequel to yet another "Made in Taiwan , for Japan only" market.

    Why? I have no idea. We can only speculate.

    That said, the Asia/US RT , with the original bass drum (18x6) big-band swing-style bass drum isn't bad too. It probably is less thumpier and more ideal as a practice kit at home (less risk of neighbours complaining hearing your kick drum thump thru their wall)

    If you can't stomach paying $500 for shipping anything, just buy the local Rhythm Traveller instead ! Its good in its own way

    The Sound

    Throughout the last xchange, I did ask around what everyone thought of the sound, particularly the snare and the toms.

    While reviews were for the most part positive, I thought I'd give my own input to this now, after spending some time playing with this.

    For me, the toms, without bottom heads design, sounds just ... different.. from regular 2-heads toms.

    Question: Can this kind of tom sound be used for gigs?

    Most bands ... by that I mean, singers, guitarists, bassists, don't usually have an opinion on what a tom should sound like.

    They only have a problem if it bothers them (too weird/loud/ringy/can't hear etc.)

    So if you don't have a problem with how they sound, then... there probably isn't a problem

    Only in certain cases where you're playing shows where the arranger/band leader/producer just has to have that exact sound right down to the toms tone. then you better use another drumset to be safe (!)

    Its ... addictive
    After spending some time on this, I have commented to folks that ... this thing is just ... addictive, and begging to be grooved on.

    Since I bought it, when I sit down, I can just have happy time grooving for long and forget the time... esp playing breakbeats/dnb patterns, regular grooves, its very addictive...

    I have not idea why... every drumkit should feel the same, yet.. when you start playing this, perhaps because its quite tinny sounding (its not boomy and mid/low-range heavy) ... its extremely easy to sit down and just play a groove for 100 bars and dont wanna stop...

    The Workmanship

    With regards to bearing edges, both me and Mel agreed they are better than the RTs we've seen and used in the past.

    But w've probably gone through at most 20 rhythm traveller drumsets in our life combined. I may not be in best position to judge overall workmanship (SG probably had shipment of 500-100 RTs in last 10 years)

    Hardware wise, a lotta guys commented they love the black finish, and perceive higher quality/value. How much of this translates to actual value (really better than chrome hoops/lugs??) is really up to you.

    I should get round to taking more photos of the thing. Maybe at future date, will bring it again to xchange for you guys to check out , and draw your own conclusions.

    The Conclusion

    So... is this thing worth paying the extra $550-$600 Shipping/GST for?

    Let me end with a personal story.

    One of the great joys of my life, is sitting back in bed after a long day, shopping online for great, and fantastic buys.... eshopping/amazon/ebay has got to be one of the greatest invention of mankind

    that, and also my naturally curious mind.

    If i see something interesting, I wanna try it. I just gotta try it.

    So I did !

    Thats how I ended up buying a crap ton of stuff I probably didn't need. Like that old film lens that I can use on my DSLR. The DW practice pad kit. and so on.

    I don't know if I ended up the more better for it.

    But I guess, I satisfied the urge. Lol ....

    Can this thing really be used for all gigs?

    I definitely would not venture to say that. I'll tell you though, out of artistic curiousity, I'm gonna try my luck !!! (not all the time... no way I'm bringing this kit to a metal show )

    Have a good time guys
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