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Thread: 'Silent' Studio: A new jamming experience at library@esplanade

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    i recorded it into a sd card, why would you need the usb cable?

    i found the volume rather irregular too, at first drums were overpowering, subsequently the drums were muted....

    oh well fun experience tho

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    Hi, to address your concerns:

    Para 1: There is no specific eq for the different frequencies for different equipment as the Jamhub console takes in the direct signal/frequencies form the different instruments plugged into it. It is not meant to be a dedicated guitar/bass amplifier as its chief purpose is to make usage easy and seemless. However, the manipulation of the EQs have to be done via the guitar/bass effects as what most of the users of the ‘Silent’ studio did. They will bring their own multi-effects processor and use it to control the levels and eq coming from their instruments. Line 6 POD and some other stereo effects will do the trick.

    Para2: As for the clipping of sound volumes coming from the Gibsons and bass, that will most probably be due to the instrument input level that was at full blast.. Based on my experience, for the instrument input levels, the sweet spot is at 2 o’clock for the rest of the instruments and 3 o’clock for the bass and your own instrument on your channel. You can trim down the keyboard input maybe at 12 o’clock. And for a best mix, put all levels at 12 o’clock and adjust it up according to your preferred levels, cos different instruments have different output levels, so it’s similar to how you set you mixer before doing recording, i.e. balancing. Going after 3 o’clock on the volume knobs will likely cause distortion/clipping.

    Para3: I think you must have had the input volume of your instrument at full blast, that is why there is this loud pop sound coming in when your guitarist plug-in the guitar. For best practice, it is advised this rule of thumb, always bring down your amp volume or switch off the amp when you’re plugging in and out your instruments. This is always the care and safety message given in the warning section in all instructional manual that comes with and amplifier/mixer. So do practice it.

    Para4: Yup, the instruments are provided by Gibson, perhaps the library@esplanade folks can feedback to the folks at Gibson to see if they can change the bass to another model, preferably with a volume and tone knob, with a more ergonomic design. But this depends on the available resources Gibson can provide. And yes, good for them to schedule for a set-up soon. I heard they do set up and maintenance once a month.

    In a nutshell, I recommend those who is trying the 'Silent' Studio out to be really familiar on how to operate the Jamhub mixer as when you have mastered the operation, your jamming will be worth every cent spent. Bring a SD card along for your next jam and record your jamming. Do check out this link . You could also go into the FAQs section in the JamHub website and there are plenty informational tips you can find on the Jam Hub Tour Bus system. I know, cos I use the JamHub myself at home.

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    Re: 'Silent' Studio: A new jamming experience at library@esplanade

    2019 update

    Reviving an old thread to update some information...Since there isn't much on the Silent Studio anywhere on the net.

    Today was my first time in the studio. Went with a friend who sang and played her own ukelele. I play the drums. As such can't comment on the guitars/bass/keyboards there.

    Jamhub has been replaced by a Roland HS-5. Looking at previous posts, I'm assuming this is a significant upgrade.
    If recording through the HS-5, you need a USB flash drive (NOT an SD card as with Jamhub), or you can use a printer cable to connect your laptop and do multitrack recording.

    The mics and headphones were great. I was quite impressed with the clarity of my friend's vocals and ukelele playing through the headphones.

    I did plug in one of the electric guitars for the giggles...Sound was clean and no distortion, at least for me. But disclaimer again, I have no experience with guitars.

    Drumset in the room is a Roland TD-9. It sounded quite horrible through the headphones but at least it was decent in the recordings.
    VH-11 hi-hat was extremely loose and kept spinning no matter how much I tightened it. Had to spin it back into place a few times cuz it doesn't have 360-degree triggering.
    Snare head was tuned fine...But tom heads were very loose, which is not good for e-drum triggering. I didn't have a drum key with me, otherwise I would have tuned it tighter.

    Gave the above feedback to customer service after the session so hopefully the issues with the drumset would be fixed soon.

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