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Thread: If you create original music, CLICK HERE

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    If you create original music, CLICK HERE

    Hi there

    If you create original music, please visit and upload your masterpiece there.

    I hope the new site will be a 1 stop platform for promoting locally produced music.

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    Pretty cool site, loads of features but its kinda of limited with the 50mb limit on the account.
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    Thanks for signing up at . I just got it up 2 days ago, will fine-tune as we go along.

    Quite a number of people ask if 412 represent anything? Ha..ha.. actually, it is my unit number.

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    Currently, we have 48 artists registered. Hope to hit 100 and we will be promoting the site to the listeners!

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    Sounds like a fine idea! Toss in some incentives like getting a chance to go unto 98.7FM for an acoustic live session and watch the contributors increase! - A Singer/Songwriter born, raised and based in Singapore

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    I find the whole interface quite messy. But still props for continually promoting local music.

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    OMG!! Thank you so much to introducing the website!! i need something like this so much! thanks thanks!! btw how to change the Username or band name? i forget to space.. (:

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    BryanTCA, what is your username/band's name? You should be able to edit it in the "Profile" page.

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    is this like a local myspace/purevolume/soundclick/reverbnation or something?

    anyways, signed up for my band. =)

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    Yes, something like that. Hope to put all locally produced music together.

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