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Thread: Pitch your original song to a Brand ! $1,000

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    Pitch your original song to a Brand ! $1,000

    More details on this Facebook app:!/ExpressInMusic?sk=app_95936962634

    Grand Prize
    More than $1,000 worth of Cash & Prizes & Opportunities!
    To up the music element, you will be given an amount of money to buy ANY music-related items such as music software, instruments, jamming or even professional recording. You name it, we foot the bill for you.

    2nd Prize
    Win recognition and an impressive music portfolio
    Ask your friends for support and your piece of song may get recognised by commercial brands! If your original music gain popularity with votes, you are invited to go shopping with us to buy ANY music-related items such as music software, instruments, jamming or even professional recording of up to $500. Letís fulfill your music dream.

    Contest Instructions

    1. Upload any of your original song compositions, tell us which commercial brand or organisation out there should endorse your music and why it could be a theme song to represent them!

    2. For example, if you think your music reflects elements that exudes high energy passion & adrenaline just like Nike, match it and we will let them know! Build up commercial music credibility in your portfolio.

    Contest Starts
    April 10, 2011 @ 12:01 am (SGT)

    Contest Ends
    May 07, 2011 @ 11:59 pm (SGT)

    Organised by Express In Music -

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    Founder of music crowdsourcing platform, Express In Music, Jerry Chen, 26, had seen many international musicians deprived of getting their songs engage by commercial brands. The difficulty of independent artistes reaching out to organizations for commercialization is a common sight.

    Co-founder, Adriel Chan, 26, echoed his thoughts, "There are millions of artistes emerging year on year, each of them are trying to stand out and be recognized in their area of music, especially those who produces original songs. Where do these songs end up most of the time?"

    In a bid to elevate opportunities for musicians of different spectrums from composers, lyricists to sound engineering, Express In Music online platform had been in constant pursuit to create jobs of such nature.

    Recently some open projects were voiceover for international brand, Fisherman's Friend and a music rearrangement project for a Singapore primary school. These had all garnered good responses from fellow talents internationally which range from the USA, United Kingdom to South East Asia region.

    This had prompted the company to hold a music competition, "Pitch Your Original Song to a Brand". The idea is in search for original songs to be match up with any brands internationally or locally known. Musicians can match the elements of their original music with a brand that have the same characteristics. It is in the pitch for brands to endorse and recognize that these music pieces sent in can be original theme song for their products or services in line with their communication needs.

    Currently, the company had successfully clinched clients mainly in Asia such as GSK, Far East Organization, HSR Properties, Super Coffee and Bioskin.

    "This unique approach allows musicians all over the world to customize songs for any brand they wish to highlight for endorsement. Commercial organizations are also then contacted to let them know of the availability of musicians having original pieces that can be used for the advertising and promotional needs," Mr Chen said.

    Musicians can now write songs not only for leisure purposes but writing a song with an added commercial impact.

    For this one-of-a-kind music contest, we had put up an attractive proposition of giving up to $1,000 of shopping spree to the winning musician. The winner will be able to buy any music-related items such as recording studio hours, music software or instruments, as long as it helps fulfill their music dreams.

    Both founders of the online platform, believes that it will be exciting and interesting to see that eventually brands are aware that besides cover songs by well-known artistes, there are still many original musicians who are able to make the cut and create engaging music for their brands.

    The contest had started on 10th April 2011 and will end 7th May 2011. In less than one week, the company's fan page on Facebook had increased by more than 1,500 due to this campaign. They believe that in the next few days, more than 10,000 fans will be on their social media page as a result of this contest.

    Mr Chan said the approach is based on how musicians view certain brands. Their music can enhance this perception that best represent the brand or organization. He acknowledged that Express In Music platform is in its 2nd year as a humble start-up which bridges musicians with jingles, voiceovers and other music production opportunities on this crowdsourcing model.

    For further details, you can visit their website at or enter the contest on their Facebook fan page at

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