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Thread: Tama Iron Cobra and Speed Cobra

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    Tama Iron Cobra and Speed Cobra

    I was able to have 3 different Iron Cobra and Speed Cobra, all together 4 double pedals in front of me.
    So far, I feel tama's design is great, we can adjust the foot board angle and the beater angle indepently, the only pedal that we do not need to take out the beater when we wish to put them back to the case (correct me if i am wrong).
    IC power glide gives a very specila feeling when the beater about to hit the bass drum head, it accelerate, that was very impressive when i 1st owned this pedal
    IC rolling glide, feeling is just smooth and regular, still give a punchy sound.
    IC flexe gilde, no comment on this, but my friend said the foot board is just always stick with your foot wherever you go.
    Finally, the speed cobra, em, longer foot board, new look, very cool, all silver, same feeling like playing with IC rolling glide, but the feel is lighter.

    My final chooice: Speed Cobra, coz i can only have a "wife". the rest are all awesome pedal.


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    where did you get your pedals? swee lee's stuffs are always pricey..

    i am intending to get iron cobra (power glide) or speed cobra.

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    how much in swee lee?
    i bought from my friend
    after playing for sometimes, i found IC or SC are quite similar, if u wanna play heel toe technique, erm, for us Asian foot, maybe IC is enough.

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    Nice review! I'm using the Tama IC Double Pedals in school and it feels really good so i'm thinking of getting the single pedal for home use. Any idea how much it costs?

    Maybe getting it from overseas would cost cheaper say buying them from Swee Lee.

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