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Thread: Jackson Guitars

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    Jackson Guitars

    Hey everyone, just wanted to open up the topic on Jackson guitars. So far I've tried out a few models and really feel that they are very underrated guitars, they play, feel and sound great so I'm just very curious as to why they are not mentioned a lot here.

    One of my first encounters of Jackson guitars is a USA Jackson Kelly KE-3 in a Trans green finish. Anyone who knows metal should know that Marty Friedman was the one that popularized it back in his days with Jackson and Megadeth. Basically, it features an Alder body with a Rock-Maple Bolt-On Neck (Pro series comes with a quarter sawn maple one) with a 24 jumbo frets Rosewood fingerboard and MOTO Shark Fin Inlays. Dual-humbucker combination, a Seymour Duncan SH2N Jazz in the neck position and a Seymour Duncan TB4 JB Model, just one master volume control. It also comes with a Floyd Rose licensed JT580LP, a Low-Profile Double-Locking Tremolo which stay in tune rather well. It's really an all round great sounding and playing hard rock, heavy metal guitar.

    The second which I tried if I'm not wrong was a 1992 Japan Made Jackson Soloist XL Professional (not pro) in a black finish. This guitar was definitely catered to all the shredders out there. The XL has a fast neck, so it is really fluid and smooth when you’re playing runs and stuff. The neck was a bound maple neck, rosewood fingerboard with jumbo frets and shark fin inlays. It has SSH pickup combination and was loaded with stock Jackson pickups, one volume, one tone and a five way switch. And the sweeter thing was that the bridge was a Made in Germany Jackson Schaller Floyd-Rose Tremolo, this thing never goes out of tune no matter how much you abuse it. The guitar sounds amazing, very versatile no matter what you’re playing; classic rock to thrash metal.

    All in all, even though primarily I'm an Ibanez player, I really feel that Jackson guitars are much underrated and should be notable for their outstanding quality and fast playability. Hopefully this thread will get you guys to start appreciating and noticing a much underrated brand of guitars (:

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    this seems a lil like a review,maybe you can post it in the review section?

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    Yeah, the brand is seriously underrated. I've never tried the USA ones before but the Japanese guitars that I've tried play really good. The thing about their necks is that they are not as thin as Ibanez necks & slightly rounder compared to say a Fender American Standard Stratocaster neck. It is still comfortable for shredding since the body contours are very shred friendly (unlike those Fender square joints).

    Jackson has been the choice of many players but that their marketing department needs a whole lot of work. Time and time again you see Ibanez come up with new videos to promote their gear.

    One thing that got me steering in the direction of Jackson again was Chris Broderick. I felt that his jump from Ibanez to Jackson was very unexpected.

    I've got a couple of Japanese made Jacksons as my main axes. Would post some pics soon enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3tsunburst View Post
    this seems a lil like a review,maybe you can post it in the review section?
    Nothing wrong with sharing information. This is a great thread for Jackson fans to unite!

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    Jackson guitars have always proven to be top quality. Superb designs, craftsmanship, sound, playability and materials. And great bang for buck at every price bracket. Therefore they always have a huge and loyal following worldwide. It's just that in Singapore, people are more fixated on the "mainstream brands" like Fender, Squier, Gibson, Ibanez, PRS, Epiphone, Schecter, Dean etc... over brands which offer better value and quality such as Jackson, Carvin and Godin.

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    i thought jackson was mainstream?? how can jackson not be mainstream if dean and schecter are lol...

    i've never actually tried a jackson that was properly setup (since a certain company here doesnt maintain their guitars at all) so i cant really comment but their necks feel more comfortable than the ibanez necks...more natural and round. maybe i just like round necks haha
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    I have a Jackson Professional in my possession at the moment. The Takeuchi bridge on that piece looks thin and flimsy but the truth is, it's stability is comparable to an Ibanez Edge. Although they look like the Ibanez TRS bridges, I don't like the Ibanez TRS because the stability of those trems are bad. I'm guessing the different quality of materials used.

    Overall, I like the Japanese made units. I have never encountered a USA made Jackson so far but would definitely give it a go. However, I still won't pay that amount of money for a USA piece only because of the lack of publicity. Yes for a spec inclined person like myself, I need more than just a spec sheet to convince me.

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    jackson guitars are good, just that we've been exposed too much to the lower end models here. the impressive ones don't make it (here). this custom shop SLS is one of the best guitars i've tried:

    i'm also impressed with this one: CLICK

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    i know,im own a jackson too. i hate to say this but it sounds better than my fender.

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    Even though Jackson is under Fender, their Custom shop models sometimes do exceed the prices of those made by Fender! In terms of branding, if you were to choose between a custom shop Jackson and a custom shop Fender which are priced the same regardless of specs, most consumers would definitely pick a Fender without even thinking.

    Let's say Fender's guitars do not appeal to some shredders. Even so, they wouldn't steer to the direction of Jackson. There is so much competition going on especially with boutique brands like John Suhr and James Tyler.

    This only goes to show that although Jackson is capable of crafting great guitars, their marketing department is doing a terrible job at promoting their guitars. Make more youtube videos, come up with new features like different scale lengths on the regular guitars, get more famous guitar players to use your guitars etc etc.

    Well, what I can say is for people who know the quality of Jackson guitars benefit the most since they are way cheaper as compared to more famous brands like Ibanez which are from the same country of origin (who knows maybe even the same factory like Fujigen or something).

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