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Thread: Pearl Ian Paice Signature Snare

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    Pearl Ian Paice Signature Snare

    This is my all time favourite snare.
    Size: 14x 6.5", steel snare.
    I used evan power centre reversed dot batter, and the stock USA remo reso.
    A versatile snare, which is suitable for Pub performer which i have to play a lot of diffrent style.
    Loud, and sensitive.

    When you tune tight, u get crack sound like slipknot, althought that is not that sharp, and with lower pitch,
    when u tune medium tight, that is my favourite, suitable for alot of style,
    When u tune little bit lower, you can play those old style chinese song, and also metalica big fat tone snare sound.
    somemore, it comes with an internal muffle, if u think the snare is ringy, just tight on the muffle, (but i think this snare overtone is just good enough, not over ringy.

    I did try using Evan hydraulic black coated head, but feel the sound is too dull, i still prefer power center reversed dot.

    Rate: 10/10
    thank you for reading

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    How much did you buy the snare for?

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    haha, i had been aiming this snare long long time ago when i 1st saw it at swee lee brass basah, i grab once i heard got 50% sale, i bought at only 250 sgd. that was the most value buy i ever had.

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    Waa, $250 is cheap man, i saw one tama starclassic brass snare at swee lee, $600 b4 discount, price is nice, but made in china lol

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    if u like metal snare, u can try pearl sensitone elite, the ian paice using the same steel shell. pearl drum is cheaper but provide good sounding. tama is moving their factory to china, then japan factory only producing those limited edition and super highend model, like starphornic snare if i m not mistaken.

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