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Thread: Setting up monitors & Keyboard (1 side no sound)

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    Setting up monitors & Keyboard (1 side no sound)

    Dear members,

    when i connect my monitor (M-audio Av40)to keyboard. only 1 side have sound, the other side no sound.

    But whenever i connect monitors to my mac, using garage band, Midi. playing Keboard. Both speaker have sound.

    My speaker only have 1 plug-in, But at the back of my keyboard(yamaha Mo6) There's 2 output .
    Left & Right.

    So with 1 Plug in, i can only plug in either left or right.
    BUt either i plug in left or right , only left speaker got sound.

    Advice Please.


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    This is indeed peculiar.

    1. Check to see if the output settings in MO6 is set right (within the menu) - if it exist
    2. Tap on your speaker jack with your finger with the speakers on and see if you hear tapping sound coming from both speakers
    3. If all fails, try and get a cable with one end a stereo jack, and the other end 2 jacks. You'll need to convert the single male end to a female end with an adaptor.

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    Hi Tchd

    You should get 2 x TRS or TS cable to connect your keyboard to the monitor. One for Left and one for Right.

    Your monitor ->

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    Thanks for the help Guys! will try on it!

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