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Thread: Logic Express/Studio: Solving the "SYSTEM OVERLOAD PROBLEM"

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    Great info! Thanks for sharing!

    Ran the script.
    Still having 'system overloads'... but less frequent.

    Happens when I replay a certain section over and over with multiple plugins running per channel, during editing.
    I suspect it has to do with either my buffer being too low (was set to 128), or my hard disk aging.... or both.
    It's a pain I've been 'conditioned' to .. what helps a bit is if you hit spacebar to stop each time before playing back a section during edits.
    256 or 512 on buffer size also helps a bit while mixing... or it could be all in my head...
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    Sounds like our Logic expert Logicdroid should come in here to discuss.

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    Hey Joel,
    yeah the buffer thing settings is sure essential.
    The script is for those who had set their settings to proper yet still encounter the "System Overload" event.

    How many cores are you using? (The script will certainly help to "even" out the usage of your cores than just spiking 1 of them.)

    And yea, could be the multiple plugins. Try using AUX channels and feed multiple tracks who uses the same plugins? Perhaps you're already doing that

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    Hmmm...does it works with other DAWs? As in if I change the "Logic Pro" in the script to other DAWs name such as "Pro Tools", will it work?

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    Yes, if you know how to replace the name correctly.

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    I haven't use Pro Tools.
    But if Pro Tools is facing similar problems, the script could help although I'm not sure about that.
    No harm trying

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    Well, it will work with any program. The main thing is the renice command line. You could read about it in the web.

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