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Thread: Electronic Drum or Normal Drum with drum shield?

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    Electronic Drum or Normal Drum with drum shield?

    Hi all,

    Just wondering for all the drummers.
    Will u rather use an electronic drum during gig or normal with drum shield?

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    For gigs, a normal acoustic drumset with drum shield is preferred.

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    I prefer acoustic too....but it depends also on what is required in the gig...I may add electronic pads to trigger certain sounds for some style of music
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    Normal acoustic with drum shield as well!

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    Nothing beats an nicely tuned/mic-ed up acoustic set.

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    Use both like Akira Jimbo!

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    I like electronic kits for the fact that there are alot of sounds in it, and the volume can be controlled by the sound engineer easily, but nothing beats the acoustic drum where i can bring my canopus snare down and beat the shit out of it

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