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Thread: Review : Zoom H2

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    Review : Zoom H2

    Zoom H2 has served me real well ever since I got it 2 years back, I use it for :
    - jamming preproduction recordings (superb 4 mics surround) [Download : Front/Back]
    - all my 1600+ (and still increasing) videos at

    - mixing/mastering for Farhan Borst's purely-ZoomH2-virtual recording (I guided him over MSN on the miking of his vocals etc)
    - it's no news that it's been used by Mediacorp reporters/journalists as well

    - TV series called Frequency Of The City on Arts Central few years back..
    -There's even Zoom H2 hacks posted by this guy on youtube to convert into 4 line inputs.
    - I do make use of its Line Input to convert cassette tapes to .wav and recording radio dedication requests by bands when they're gonna be on radio interviewing or something...(yes yes I know there's digital radio tuners now or live streams. but internet isn't always stable.)

    - and most likely for the sake of YouTubeStar-ing like a friend of mine here who's a pretty talented vocalist and many of you underground hidden bedroom talents out there...

    (From what she told me was that H2 output wired up to her camera's input which is similar to my setup)

    So yeah, you can learn more about it by googling it nonstop and watching other YouTube video reviews. I'm not going to rate it out of how many stars or anything, you reading this could either mean you own it but not sure what else can be done with it or planning to get one.

    The local dealer for Zoom H2 is

    Click here to go to the "Mix This : Zoom H2 (Layer Recording)" thread!

    -Ron (
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    just to share with fellow softies, there're pretty decent deals in the WTS section
    in case anyone is interested.

    disclaimer : I do not know any of the SOFTies selling the H2. I just personally feel it's going to be their loss selling it haha cos I put mine up for sale before then changed my mind.
    [Check out the stuff I put up for sale starting from Free/$1 !]
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    Another gd deal, amazon is selling this with shipping for ard sgd$190

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