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Thread: Tama Superstar Snare

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    Tama Superstar Snare

    I have tried out the all birch tama superstar snare, size 14X6.5" and 13x6.5", 14x5.5",
    3 of thems are really good enough at this price range.

    14x6.5 give a fat tone and the tuning range is wide, if u need a versatile one, u can choose this. although the snare is abit ringy, but, it just mix well with the tone, then it is cutting when you are in the band.

    14x 5.5 abit shallow, the sound, when you get the right tune, the sound is great, less woody then the 6.5", versatile too. and i prefer this compare with 6.5' , personally.

    13x6.5: tight and clean, tune to high pitch, u get a warm, sweet cutting tone, short decay.
    I used PDP 5x14 maple, it doesnt sound as good as superstar.

    Finally, I hope dear follow members, please share your instrument in SOFT, in Malaysia singapore, instrument in the shops are really limited, we can just only share our experience more closely , so that we can get our right instrument, not just based on the introduction from the drum maker, thank you.

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    Great review. Tama superstars are awesome

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