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Thread: HELP on getting a Drumpad

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    HELP on getting a Drumpad

    Hi fellow drummers.
    Not a very good drummer but well, i know that practice can make me better

    Recently, i have finally set down my heart to get a drumpad for practicing my rudiments instead of using my tables or textbooks.

    I have tried out a Vater Drumpad at my friend's house and found out that the rebound was quite good and wasn't producing much noise and was wondering what the other's think about it.
    I didnt ask for the price and stuffs.

    Mainly, i finding a good drumpad that does not produce much soundas my parents dont really appreciate the chopping sounds LOL

    Main questions.
    1. What cheap brands and models of drumpad do you recommend me ?
    2. Does a stand comes with the drumpad ? If no, what do you recommend me ?
    3. Where exactly to get these good "lobangs" ?

    P.S i dont own any drumkits and not planning to until i get better ><
    Thanks in advance

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    well i have a drumpad but i wouldnt recommend u mine becoz mine makes a lot of noise, but i can answer the 2nd qn, which is no a stand doesnt come along.. what i did for mine is put on a wooden chair and if its still too short, make it higher by putting a dictionary on top of the chair, followed by the drumpad hope it helps :X just a suggestion, not saying this is the only way, though of course stands would make things alot better and easier :X
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    personally i have 2 practice pads.. the first one is a tama drumpad. i purchased it years ago from swee at less than 40 dollars.. its quite small and very portable.. the second i have is an e-pad (12 inches).. i bought it at about 70 dollars from Drums Resources. volume wise, both are quite ear friendly to me (the epad is quieter than the tama pad), sometimes i practice at 2am and i din find my mom complaining at all..

    in terms of bounciness, the tama pad is more on the bouncier side, while the epad practically has very little. i use both to practice so that i can get used to the different bounciness of toms and snare drum on the acoustic drum. i will recommend the e-pad to u because it has helped me a lot as it is not very bouncy and really worked my finger muscles to the max.. but if u're on a tight budget, u can consider the tama though its a bit small measuring only 6inches in diameter. u can even flip the tama drumpad over and practice on the other side for a less bouncier feel, though i think it wasnt designed for tt..
    by the way, i also put my drum pad on a stool and practice on it as its cheaper, instead of buying a stand for it.

    all the best to ur purchasing of a drumpad!

    tama pad:


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    I've heard many good comments regarding the epad too. Like what presto said, the epad has very little bounce and thus, this make practicing more tough. After you get used to playing on it and bring your skills to a kit, you'll find that you can play much better and move around much easier and smoother.

    You can basically mount your drum pad anywhere you wish as long as it's around the height of a snare. When you get a kit, you can use your snare stand to mount the pad or just place the pad on top of your snare!

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    Hmmmm. Seems like a drumpad stand is not really important Okay cool.

    Regarding Epad, im quite interested in it and was looking through. I got quite confused.
    EP12 and EP12C. The descriptions are rather similar. However, there is freaking difference of 20bucks ?! O.O
    Presto, please help regarding which model i should get.

    Just wondering, i thought around 14" is the standard snare size. So would having a 12inch drumpad be kinda too big or something ? hehe !

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    Just wondering, i thought around 14" is the standard snare size. So would having a 12inch drumpad be kinda too big or something ? hehe !
    14" is bigger than 12", how is that too big. Plus, the pricing on the Epad site is USD if i'm not wrong

    I'd suggest just go down Nigel's and try them. Get the ones within your budget.

    I own the Knee E-Pad, works pretty good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schtauffen View Post
    14" is bigger than 12", how is that too big.
    Cause a practice pad is different from a snare ? o.o

    Where's Nigel's ? o.o

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    i'm not sure about the EP12C.. mine was the EP12, when i bought it at drums resources, i only saw the EP12, kneepads, EP9 and the small round round one.. maybe u can take a look at drums resources and see if they have the EP12C and try both out.. the price u see on the website is not in sing dollar by the way. u can contact Nigel at drums resources, he's a very pleasant and helpful guy and going to his shop is always a pleasant experience. if the shop has both the EP12 and EP12C, u can probably try both and decide which one you need. by the way, 12inch drumpad to me is quite okay, nothing unusual about it.. vic firth and HQ realfeel pads also have tt dimension.. =)

    Drums Resources:

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    by the way, today i heard from Nigel that he is moving out to another location soon, so u should give him a call before you go down to see if he has moved to a new location or is still at Haji Lane

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    Alright. Thanks alot.

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