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Thread: Sabian Xs20?

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    Sabian Xs20?

    Hey guys. I'm looking into buying cymbals because i absolutely HATE the way by cymbals sound. Trojan set. 14" 16" 22". They sound so horrible it's a turnoff to even practise. Which is bad.

    So i was looking and researching for quite some time, and i found some cymbals that i like. The Sabian Xs20s Brilliant Super Set. Problem is, i went almost all over Singapore trying to find at least the crash for me to test and hear for my very self, but to no avail. So i thought i'd ask here - what do you guys think of the Xs20s? AND. Do you think i should buy them off eBay? The seller is a store, condition - new.
    ps. my budget is $700.

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    Hi there,

    The Xs20s are really a brilliant (Pun intended) choice. They are great sounding and they don't come with such a heavy price tag compared with the K's or AAXs. Just FYI, Swee Lee does stock xs20 cymbals the last time I checked, which is about a month ago.
    The price they quoted me for the 20" brilliant ride at that time was $300. Thus, I think it would be possible to fit in 3 sets of cymbals within your $700 dollar budget.

    Regarding buying the cymbals off ebay, I definitely do not encourge it (unless you have a fetish for overseas goods). The downsides off purchasing online are as such: You don't get it straightaway (duh), you (usually) have to pay more, and you can't guarantee the quality of the product until it arrives. Personally, I got my Xs20 brilliant ride off ebay (before I knew that Swee Lee sold them). I had to wait for 2 weeks before the cymbal arrived, and I ended up paying 30 dollars more when compared to Swee Lee's price. So I would definitely encourage you to buy locally.

    Hope this helped!

    P.S. Btw I really recommend the Sabian Brilliant XS20 (SO1-XS2014) ride. A very nice sound (comparable to the 22" K ride, which costs like $600) and it has a very brilliant sounding ping when hit at the bell.

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    Get the xs20. Its a good choice.
    Affordable yet the sound doesnt suck too bad.
    Wait for the POSSIBLE year end swee lee sale to get the set !!!

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    i'm using XS20 cymbals at the moment, and they sound pretty good. i doubt mine is the brilliant finish though. but overall, they sound really great, especially for home practice. i'm using it in a auditorium now, and no complains so far, from both drummers and non musicians alike.

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    i heard good stuff about the XS20 cymbals.. wont go wrong with them.. u can expand ur choices too if u look at other brands such as Turkish and Bosphorus. they are very reasonably priced too for hand hammered cymbals..

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    Check out Istanbul Mehmets as well.

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