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    I went to the ProTools 9 Seminar today... Didn't win the Mbox. Some Mediacorp and Poly guy won both of them... sniff.. wasted so many hours there.

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    at least you get to eat the Four Seasons hotel buffet !

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlvBobo View Post
    Thanks for the advice.

    But that's the problem I'm facing. I'm not certain of the compressor/EQ settings for the individual drum tracks, and each time I change something, the whole set sounds choppy/muddy/peaky. Is there like a website that teaches recorded drum track treatments for Pro Tools?

    You must understand the principle behind compressor. Like threshold,ratio, gain, attack and release at least. Like kick drum, I can set at high ratio, slow attack, fast release. High ratio to have great dynamic reduction, but I slow attack to allow a certain peak to develop first after threshold before compress it, lastly fast release it to return to original state. Mostly you get very good thump...thump if you get the setting right. I don't remember the value cos, a lot of listening is need. Many compressor allow you side chain it, then the term ducking, desser....follow. Once you are good at compressor, you can easily understand multi-pressor. It is actually very good for summing/master buses. Since multi-pressor has 3 or 4 band to play with you can do eq-like lovelovelove compressor together.

    I don't think anybody come up an eq chart for Pro Tools, because it is very general and apply to any eqing. EQ is not only for general use. Also the filer and setting will also benefit you when you come across sound designing/synthesis. Know the term well, some term like LP,HP,BP,Q,Gain still apply to many different plug-in.

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    Wow... That's a lot to absorb! Thanks for the advice. Where do you pick up all these EQ'ing knowledge by the way? Is there like a website or something?

    Thanks and cheers!

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