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Thread: need help!!my back aching due to sitting posture while playi

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    need help!!my back aching due to sitting posture while playi

    well ive been playing and practicing maybe alot, but thats really a good thing right? ( ard 5-6 hours a day on avg ) this has been going on for some time now ever since i change my new strings = ) <3 my new curt mangan strings.

    anyway getting to the point. wats been killing me isnt the pain in my fingers or aching in my right arm or anything like that. its my back, its been aching. and i stop practice cause of that. anybody can reccomend me or teach me maybe a proper sitting posture for me while i practice so i can practice for longer? thanks very much i appreciate it alot. maybe a special type of chair or stool or something? i dunno please give me your advice

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    i hunch when i play.. After about 15 mins, my shoulders ache like siao. So i think you should sit up straight?

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    The key to a proper sitting posture is a relaxed one. My art lecturer used to teach us how to sit in the most relaxed position possible.

    All you need to do is breathe in and raise up your shoulders at the same time, and relax your shoulders when you exhale. If done right you should feel pretty shiok. Repeat as many times as necessary.

    Also, I understand that alot of guitar players want to focus on their fretting hand when playing, but to hunch over or hug the guitar may not be the best way forward because you're putting your spine in an awkward position.

    One way to view the fretboard is to use your neck to bend forward slightly and dip the eyes while keeping the back straight. Another way is to cross your legs to that you raise the guitar higher and you need not hunch forward excessively.

    Hope this helps

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    Y dun u get a wheelchair i mean e chair use in the office that can lay back...........u get wat i mean??

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    I don't know if this will help you but it is widely used by lots of people from dancers, athletes and musicians. Check it out.

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    ooh thanks guys. but after listening and trying out your advice i realised what was wrong with my posture. u see my chair is a rolling chair cause its the say chair that i use for my comp adn i think wots causing it is the fact that it has arms and my guitar cant fit if i sit properly in it.therefor i have to sit on the edge of the chair causing myself to put pressure on my spine. remember ow those primary school teachers always say that u shouldnt put ur bag on the chair etc.. cause ur focring urself to sit on the edge of the chair and thats no good?

    ya so thanks alot for your help i really appreciate it.

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    like one of my secondary sch teachers used to tell me : "SIT UP STRAIGHT LA!"

    based on a health topic, if you're gonna have a habit to hunch, create a new habit to un-hunch. y'know thrust your chest forward and up or something , reducing the risks of hunchback when you're older and you know ppl "giu jui" a.k.a grow shorter when they're old, this makes it worse. unless you're a former coolie at whampoa river, no choice , otherwise it's for your own good. need cheap help? duct tape your back!

    and this's for those kids who haven't hit puberty yet : I used to hunch alot when I was younger, until one fine day a friend was so sick of the way I hunch (look grunge ma...haha nirvana siboh) , he really told me to my face that it makes him feel like he doesn't wanna hang out with me cos I look like crap. of course, not that I give a damn about what 1 guy thinks, but when you sit/stand up with a good posture, you look good,confident, and of course, healthy. and i don't know if this is accurate, but I think it affects your growth, cos I grew alot taller (after puberty of course) after that. and the fun part is, the chicks dig confidence. (after that what comes out of your mouth is important)

    moral of the post : do it for your old age, health, growth, confidence, appearance, the chicks, and for your ears (whoever's naggin,your mom maybe). good reason enough?

    and to follow up the story, from then on I no longer had time to hang out with guys. get the hint ? cheers. (p.s : don't get me wrong i'm not bragging about anythin'. just narrating a real life success "experience")

    80 worth.
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    i've been looking around for some ergonomic straps to relief stress on my back too when playing electric or bass...this is probably the solution!
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    yes exactly! hunching is bad! for the record i dnot hunch but yagood advice none the less.

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    woah the straps look like much do they cost?

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