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Thread: Companies who do sound proofing for residential areas.

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    Companies who do sound proofing for residential areas.

    Hi guys,

    I'm finding for companies/contractors who do sound proofing for homes.

    I've tried googling for companies in singapore but i would like to ask you guys if you guys know any or better have done soundproofing for your homes!

    Priority would be soundblocking/soundproof/isolation of jamming/live room.

    Any recommendations!


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    Try Beltiston Venture.
    but it's not gonna be cheap.

    I went there to get my soundproofing materials when I was doing my studio, but
    I did not hire them, so not sure about their work.

    But I did spoke to the boss, Richard, very nice guy, who helped me a little in designing my own.
    Should be fine if money is not an issue, that is...

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    Thanks Jeremy!

    where is this place? can't seem to find their address on the website.

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    If your looking for a good product for soundproofing then try the noiseblock soundproofing, i think the company is nytc i used them for my studio and they did a good job and the price was better than other companies.

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    how much roughly needed to soundproof a room? so can start saving ;p

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    a quick check on wavepanels shows that a set of 12 foot×foot tiles are around $150 aussie. so a 5 by 5 by 3 metre room would need around 540 of these tiles on the 4 walls, maybe minus some for the door.

    that's about 6750 aussie bucks for the 4 walls. need a lil more for the ceiling and floor

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    wah that is si beh expensive!

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