Ladies & gentlemen,

Are you....
A solo singer/songwriter looking for good backing music to incorporate into your repertoire at almost zero cost?
Eager to break into the music scene but haven't got the resources to record your own demo professionally?
A vocalist looking to experiment with various genres of music?

If you said yes to one or more of the above, here's your chance!

I'm Shahrul Osman, 20, an audiophile just like you, and I'm here to invite you to work with me to produce your very own demos.

A little background: I started off as a rapper, leeching off free hip-hop beats from the Internet. I've watched myself record my own raps on a Creative mp3 player, tediously uploading them to the computer and syncing them with the beats. It sounded.... not good! But THAT was 6 years ago, and I kept at it, finding new means to make my recordings sound better, and even got myself FruityLoops Studio 5, a music-making software used by professional producers around the world.

Fast forward to the present, where I have produced a number of my own songs that gradually sound better over the years. I have also produced a side-project collection of songs I've worked on called Slowly Growing Deaf, experimenting with various genres of music and featuring vocalists such as Steph Micayle, Jerome Lee (lead singer of local rock outfit How I Killed A Muffin Man), James Diamante and Alfy Hushairi.

Armed with a pimped-up FL Studio 8, Adobe Audition for vocal production, Autotune and other awesome VSTs - not the absolute best in the business, though you'd be a great help in pursuing my dreams further. Oh, and not to mention a relentless drive to make quality music, grow and learn, and experiment beyond the confines of musical rigidity.

Enough about me! It's YOU we're talking about.

If you'd like your songs to come to fruition, to let your friends and family listen or even distribute to professional record labels as demo tracks, do send me a text message at 93205035, or drop me an e-mail at It'd be best if you can let me listen to a rough recording of your song, perhaps through a .wav or .mp3 file through e-mail.

Music genres I provide include hip-hop, R&B, rock, metal, club, dance, Top 40, electronica, jazz, funk, disco... the list goes on, and I'm definitely willing to experiment with other genres like bossa nova, Middle Eastern, reggae, ska and techno.

If youíre a songwriter/composer and you donít sing, I can arrange the music for you as well as attempt to find the right candidate to feature on the vocals for your song.

I can also provide recording of vocals and mixing it all in to give you a finished product, so all you gotta do is write the song and sing, and all you have to do is provide a place to record the vocals and I'll bring my stuff over. Best of all... it's FREE! For now, at least.

So come, wait no longer, your songs deserve hit the airwaves!

If you'd like a sample of my work, do visit the site for the project Slowly Growing Deaf at, or you can personally ask me for a few of my songs.

Yours truly,
Shahrul Osman

I'm afraid I don't cater to instrument bands yet, only vocalists, and though I try to make my music sound as Live as possible, they are essentially triggered. No fancy studio equipment or anything, but hey, whatever works, right? Many notches above MIDI though, I promise you.