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Thread: Where to learn electronic/film music production?

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    Where to learn electronic/film music production?

    Hi all,

    Would like some advice on where to go for affordable lessons on electronic music production i.e. working with, say, Logic, to produce well-mixed orchestral/electronic film music?

    Has anyone tried SAE or School of Music Technology? Any feedback? I was looking at some of their courses.

    Appreciate any other suggestions too. Thanks.

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    Do you have any music background? Do you improvise?

    I do teach at intune music school for logic music arrangement for non-graded or non-cerf.

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    Yes, I have a bit of music background. Used to learn the electone. I compose a little as a hobby, but I'd like to improve the sound that I produce and I'm also not familiar with how to use DAWs. I'm planning to buy a Mac soon to use Logic. At the moment I'm using a PC with FL Studio and the results are not satisfactory.

    What courses do you teach? Could you give me more details? Thanks.

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    I just PM you.

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    Hi There...! Check out the new school,

    We offer certification courses in ProTools AND Logic. Enrolments have begun for classes that start next month. Our instructors are certified master trainers from Apple and Digidesign and have many years of actual real world film / television production experience.

    If you are looking for a school that offers you industry relevant training by highly experienced teachers who are practitioners of the tools themselves AND courses at affordable prices, then look no further...
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    Hi Corrinne,

    School of Media Technology (SMT) provides custom classes as well as certification courses. It's great for those who want to learn specific topics and techniques associating with different genres of music in Logic Pro. A custom curriculum will be crafted specially towards helping you achieve your goal. Prices are very competitive


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    Actually, I started in commercial studio to learn. Since it is commercial studio, it is more practical than "paper" . Get to see "live action". Of cos, you must be very geek. I was trained in Sonar and I switch to Logic after the course.

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    Hey guys, thanks for all the suggestions. I'll think about it. Kinda keen on the SMT ones as they are shorter. Logicdroid, would they be suitable for someone trying to use Logic Pro to do light orchestral or film type music?

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    Sure Corrinne,

    Logic includes an array of Orchestral instruments for you to start with when you purchase the box. Although the quality is decent, you might want to consider purchasing a proper Orchestral package eventually, but that's for another discussion...

    There is a free version of East West Quantum Leap Symphony Orchestra (Silver Version) which you can download. Google "EWQLSO free".

    IK Multimedia is also going around with 4 in 1 bundle group buys which includes, if I'm not mistaken
    Cheap as chips in comparison to EWQLSO.

    There are no short cuts in everything we learn but it sure is a whole lot easier when a trainer, who must understand every aspect of the software is there to show you how best to complete a job in the minimum time. The important issue is to understand Logic's workflow techniques so that you can be up and running in the shortest time.

    You should contact SMT for a quote. No harm at all... I believe a whole series of master classes are in the pipeline as well. We'll get to that when SMT releases dates.

    There's a track I've pieced together couple of years back for a workshop I conducted and I've programmed Logic to show off Visuals are a bit retard as usual..

    Heres the link:

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    Hi Logicdroid,

    Thanks lots for your advice. I replied earlier but it seems to have gotten lost so I'm resending...

    Btw, I like your piece. Thanks for sharing.


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