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Thread: 東京事変 Tokyo Jihen

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    東京事変 Tokyo Jihen

    Hi guys! Not sure if you've heard of this band before, but they play a pretty good mix of music. It's like rock+funk+jazz when you listen to them.

    Fans of Shiina Ringo would know Tokyo Jihen. It's what she's been doing after she gave up her solo career. I like the musicians she picked for this band, because each of them seem to shine at what they do. Being a drummer, I naturally focus on the drumming. Toshiki Hata's drums really stand out in every song and I love his playing. Also, there have been Youtube comments on Seiji Kameda's bass playing being extremely awesome, so this should please the bassists here No one should doubt the vocals, because this is Shiina Ringo doing the job. She's an undisputed legend.

    For starters:

    ^ Bass-playing in this one is supposed to be pwnsome.

    ^ I really love the drums for this one. But I can't play it -___-

    So, has anyone else heard this band? If yes, what are your favourite TJ songs?

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    Thank you very much for sharing hahah loved this!

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    Awesome band man. Love their sound and songs.

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    Re: 東京事変 Tokyo Jihen

    Oh my! I never thought I'd see this band pop up here after the hard time i had in looking for their vids on youtube. I love how they spund really funky and out of the box, completely different from what i normally listen to. ^^

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