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Thread: Amplifier for E.Drums?

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    Amplifier for E.Drums?

    Any E.Drummers here can guide me on how to choose an amp for electronic drums? I have a Yamaha DTXpress IV.

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    Just use computer speakers. Buy a good set, Creative or even Sonic Gear. Must have at the very very least 1 subwoofer and 3 tweeters, 2 subwoofers and 5-6 tweeters are ideal. My friend spent $480 on his Creative set, 6 tweeters and 2 subwoofers, sounds good to me. I'm no drummer, so i won't know but rule of thumb is if a noob says it sounds good, its fine for the audience. Haha.
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    A decent bass amp will be sufficient. Bass amps can take the low frequencies of the e-drums well

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    Hi, the roland pm 10 selling at swee lee is great, its 30 watts, probably around $300+, i used to use it with my td 4.

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    I own a dtexprees 3 se.I can safely tell u what i have done.Had a Yamaha MSR 50 watt speaker the one with the 2 satelite speaker but it is only 50 watts so when playing with the band the other more powerful amp mute my sound.try the smarvo 75 watt amp and 50 watt applause amp good bass but the cymbal sound scary then bought a active JBL subwoofer and hooked up a pair of bosebookself speaker good cymbal sound but awful snare sound.and then I try with a bose AM5,good cymbal sound but snare and tom sound very very bad.Then i tries the whafadle PA system and the speaker breaks down.I then had a paevey express 65 watt amp.okay sound but not realistic.The 100 watt amp from yamaha cost 1K the roland cost 1.3k .If you buy the roland 30 watt amp you cannot go out to gig with the amp.If you gig with an acoustic drum you would not be able to hit the right loudness to compliment the band.Next week I will be trying out with the fenderbassman 100watt tube amp going thru a 4x12 cabinet and then a 100 watt vox amp thru a 15"peavey extension speaker and after that an acoustic speaker 30 watt and keyboard speaker 300 watt.
    will let you know the result

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    On some other drumming forums, keyboard amps are actually recommended since they are designed for a very large frequency range. If you're only using it for self-monitoring, might as well get the Yamaha ones that are designed to be mounted on your set. I have a DTXpress IV too and I use this, works plenty loud for a room.

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