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Thread: Registration for AMG Jam Fest 2010 is now open.

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    Registration for AMG Jam Fest 2010 is now open.

    Registration for AMG Jam Fest 2010 is now open. Bands are invited to visit for further details.

    AMG Jam Fest 2010 won't just be a regular gig. Rather, it will be a full 2-day festival of sorts built upon the primary band performances with many other perks such as retail booths, vouchers, prizes and other free goodies for all. These won't be lame stuff either, we're talking music equipment, cosplay gear and the like, all related to the various music scenes in Singapore. Read on for more...

    If you are a retailer who wishes to have a booth at AMG Jam Fest 2010, feel free to email

    Follow AMG on FaceBook for more updates.
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    are the bands allowed to play covers?
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    Yes. Covers and originals are allowed.

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    Earnestly looking for a drummer to play with us for this Jam Fest. Music genres ranges from pop rock, rock classics, japanese rock. Conditions are negotiable. Contact us at if you are interested.

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    are we being paid to play?

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    May i have your email ? We shall discuss it over there. Thanks.

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    What we have in mind initially is to find a complete line-up and perform and enjoy it. So getting paid is what you are looking for? Sorry, but thats not what we have in mind actually. What we are looking for is to gain experience. In order to perform we have to pay a registration fee of 20 dollars already. But whats good is that it doesnt require us to go for audition. For more info, visit this link,

    So will you be interested anymore? Its such a shame if you arent, cause we have been looking for a drummer for so long.
    If you are not then it seems like i have to work much harder to find an interested drummer that is willing to play with us for the sake of it then. Pls reply asap, thanks.

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    Due to some bands' having trouble confirming schedules (mostly thanks to the upcoming July NS intake), registration period has been extended to July 31 to accomodate this.

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    oh gosh, each member of the band gotta sell 10 tickets @ 10bucks each. if my band got 5 people then need sell 50tickets which adds up to 500bucks profit to the organisers man. what the... or did i read wrongly?
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    alamak a p2p gig.

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