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Thread: Need help comparing practice pad(HQ and Epad)

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    Need help comparing practice pad(HQ and Epad)

    Hi fellow drummers,

    i currently have a HQ 12", but for the last year or so have been melting. Currently looking to get a epad, anyone owns or tried both before?

    I wish to know hows the rebound and feel or them compared, i remember trying an epad a long time ago it seems to rebound lesser.

    Also wish to find out the difference in their volume, if the epad is softer than the HQ. My HQ is quite loud for me to play at(mid)night as my room very close to my younger brother and parents, dont wish to disturb them =)

    thanks a lot guys!

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    I am sure many of us here have heard about the HQ pads' surface melting as well...
    Epad has much lesser rebound than the HQ. It is good for working on your endurance.
    Volume wise, I think it is a little bit louder than the HQ pads, depending on how hard you hit it of course.

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    thanks. quite surprised Epad louder than HQ from the looks of the material. Just looking for something softer than HQ =)

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