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Thread: Visual Kei/Jrock bands to perform in Singapore

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    X Japan.

    Need to see them at least once this life time,pretty please!!!

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    Fans of Jrock can go check out this year's Sundown Festival at Resorts World, Sentosa:

    SuG and LM.C are amongst the lineup this year. Hope this helps for some Jrock fans here

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    Detroit Metal City!
    Just kidding.

    But on a more serious note, bring over Dir En Grey and Hyde!

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    ViViD! girugamesh! DELUHI!

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    X Japan is pretty much all we need.

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    X-Japan, Alice Nine, The Gazette, Luna Sea, LM.C, Nightmare, Luna Sea, Larc en Ciel!!

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    Definitely X-Japan. Even the neutrals and the western rock lover know about them. Other than that maybe Girugamesh or Dir en grey

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    Kagrra!!!!!!! Kagrra!!!!!!!!!!

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    Luna Sea
    Dir en grey

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    L'Arc~en~Ciel )))

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