Hi fellow SOFT addicts,

I am offering online mixing services which allows artists and bands to access to professional studio quality mixes at affordable rates.

All projects are mixed by Felix using state of the art equipment in Integrated Studios in New York. Felix has been recording and mixing for over 5 years, both locally and abroad, and gathering insights from industry's greats such as Kevin Killen and Charles Dye. Your valued projects will be worked on a Pro Tools HD2 system with numerous onboard plugins (such as Waves) as well as outboard analog and digital gear (such as the 1176LN, Amek pure path, API 3124, Empirical Lab Distressor, Smart Research C2) mixed via a Digidesign D-Command interface. A secondary rig uses Logic Pro should any new programmed material be needed. Monitoring is via Adam S3A speakers and via Tannoy AMS12A speakers and sub.

All genres (pop. hip hop, rock, dance music) are welcomed.

Mixes may be in stereo, single tracks or whole albums.

Audio samples and pics can be viewed from Felix's website at www.felixhooaudioworks.com

To discuss a mixing project, please contact Felix at felixhoo@felixhooaudioworks.com