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Thread: MIDI & Mini-tunes for Yamaha Drumbook 1 & 2 (old syllabus)

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    MIDI & Mini-tunes for Yamaha Drumbook 1 & 2 (old syllabus)

    Hi there,

    I used to take lessons from yamaha (under James Chan) where they were using the green and blue drum books (1 and 2 respectively). I was wondering if anyone happens to have the midi and mini-tunes to those books?

    Also, does anyone have James' contact? Feel like going back to him. Heh.


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    Hey, I used to learn under James Chan too. But that was several years ago lol. I enjoyed learning from you as well. Unfortunately, I lost his name card and number... Would love to get in touch with him to catch up. He was after all my first proper drum teacher back then

    Anyway, with regards to the midi tracks, I think it might be produced only for using with Yamaha's drum syllabus. Not sure if they would even sell it to students. I remember back then, James said the only way he could pass me the tunes is by recording it into a cassette tape lol.

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    I see. Same here - he was my first teacher. Very nice guy. I know he would scold if you don't put in enough efforts. He likes to take coffee break, which in actual fact, watch us from outside. Haha. I wonder if he still teaches in Yamaha...

    I actually enquired about it with Yamaha, and they say it's no longer available; since they have changed to a new syllabus which I think is more watered-down, as compared to the previous one.

    I did some research, those books and the master-rhythm sheets (like truth, hold you back, etc) are all from japan. So I guess need to fly there to get the tunes and stuff. Haha.

    Side topic: That reminds me of the HQ realfeel pad which yamaha doesn't carry anymore, or should i say can't be found in SG?!?!!

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    oh my my first drum teacher is james chan too! that time i sign up with my frien whose lesson is right behind mind, he gave us a bit of bonus time by letting us practice in the room when its not our lesson time =)

    very fierce and strict, which is good for beginners haha.

    i only have the green book 1 though, stopped lessons after 3 months when my enlistment came.

    oh that was 4 years ago =x

    anyway HQ isnt that good, the rubber melts after a while. The sound is great though as its very silent.

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