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Thread: Music Attack! - Gig Opportunities 2007

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    My experience with recent music attack.

    1)We were given the designated timeslot only 1 day before the gig. Very hard for us to coordinate with friends who are coming.

    2)We were asked to play 30mins ahead of our designated timeslot without prior knowledge. Then some ang-moh told us if we dont start playing, we can forget about playing for that night.

    3)Soundman not doing his job. My band didnt setup properly i admit but when the instruments are covering the mics...the soundman should be doing something no?

    Conculsion...for my band we sold all the 20 tickets and more. Entire band turned up at the appointed time for the gig. Setup, played our set within 30mins and we didnt damage any equipment.
    Defintely more then honour our side of the agreement. But what we got in return is this kind of treatment from the organizer and that ang-moh. From this incident, i can only conclude he is more interested in moneymaking then holding a decent gig for the bands.

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    they don't give a damn about small bands unless you're some big shot band that draws customers, then he will shut up. Next time just bribe him with $1 and last time i played, my slot from 330 was changed to about 230 which means we were the second band playing :?

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    haha so much flaming, anger and frustration..

    okie, lets have something different for now.. my band played @ Music Attack III (the 2nd date).. things were good although i din see the organizer there (as usual).

    initially, they told us that our band is playing next @ 7pm, then another band said its there turn (but no fights, no quarrels, we settled it cool, so my band get to go 1st *thanks to the band who gave way to us *).

    since our songs are mainly alternative punk rock, so we din go over 4mins plus per song.. 5 songs on stage and we're done for the day - satisfied and happy..

    however, there is always 2 sides to the coin.. i din noe we're paired together with all the metal acts until the poster is out.. abang Roy told me its mutli-genre & BIG!! but when we got there, screaming/goring band, headbanging & vioent crowd + there was only the other alternative punk band.. i was kinda disappointed, but nonetheless, thanking Roy for allowing us to play (actually we kinda worked hard to sell tix just to play)..

    the 2 soundmen were good to us too.. i chatted with them just before our set, told them my preferences for the mic level & tone & he did it for me, no questions asked, no abuse thrown *thank you dudes*.

    so it ain't that bad afterall eh.. all u gotta do is smile!!

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    see..Gerald from Knightsfall is so cool about it...yeah i salute you man! (my guitar wants to kill your mama yeah..) :lol:

    If it was me who wasn't thoroughly informed..hmm,hmm,hmm,hmm...

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    in times when everybody starts getting negative, its good to shed some positivity to balance things up

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    HAHA. he asked my band to get off the stage too. he gave us 4 songs and we played 5. but each of our songs lasted less than 3 minutes. ain't very fair cause i thought we were allowed 30 mins

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    Always Flaming/anger happens when theres gig at GasHaus.

    Aiyo !

    GasHaus is not the appropriate place to gig lah. Seriously. The bands performing are like their money making machines. Getting drunk b4 giging is bad. really bad. Its a bad influences for the Local bands who wanna be in this industry. This Is Singapore! not overseas. We play music for the passion of it. I Know, singapore band's/musician don't earn much from musics. Its much to Passion.

    So yeah, GasHaus, its time to wrap up! Your whole system is wrong. Simply wrong!

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    wrong types of crowds and when first time music gig-supporters visit Gas Haus and see all those,its a very bad impression.

    System of selling to perform-> wrong
    place-> nothing wrong
    genre of music-> nothing wrong, (but dont lump every genres together for the sake of cash)

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    come on guys..dont get upset over this. Don't tell me singapore's has only one gig organiser aka. Gas haus management?
    Let's hope singapore's music scene really doesn't end in gas haus and vanish because of so much negative feedbacks and doubtful behaviours.

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    Its damn obvious that Gashaus is in ONLY for the money.The attitude of the caucasian man and the bartender is really f***ed up.The bartender thinks hes like the coolest guy or somethin.I hope no bands play there ever again.And Music attack is most badly organised gig that ive been to.Oh yea,did i mention that the soundman started playin some hip-hop track on the system while my friend's band was STILL playin?It was halfway through their 4th song and definately the half hour wasnt up.They were forced to stop playin and abandon their set.Ahhh how nice.

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